Welcome Office

The Welcome Office offers advice and guidance on all aspects of moving to Italy helping and supporting during all the year with: stay permit, fiscal code request, bank account, access to Italian health system, general information about courses, scholarships and grants opportunities, life in Rome and other useful services for international and national students.

Fiscal Code

The Fiscal code is a necessary tool to identify citizens and it is issued by the Ministry of Finance.  It is required for various procedures, e.g. to complete your enrolment but also to open a bank account, to request a health insurance card or sign a leasing contract.

Citizens residing abroad can go to the Italian Consular-diplomatic representation in their country of residence to request a fiscal code.

In Italy is possible to request this document at the closest "Agenzia delle Entrate" of the city in which you reside. The closest office to the Tor Vergata University is in via di Torre Spaccata 110 (behind the supermarket).

Opening hours: Monday and Friday from 8h45 to 12h45; Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 14h15 to 15h35

Residency Permit

The Italian law establishes that non-EU citizens who wish to stay in Italy for more than three months must apply for the residency permit within 8 days from their arrival in Italy.

Firstly, the student has to take thekit for theresidency permit request (available at post offices or  at the University Welcome Office, where the student can also receive assistance to fill it in.

Once the request form is correctly completed, the student has to deliver it to any post offices with the logo Sportello Amicotogether with:

- a copy of each passport’s page

- a copy of the health insurance

- a copy of the Acceptance Letter received by the University

- a copy of the Fiscal Code

- 1 Revenue Stamp (Marca da Bollo) € 16.  You can buy it in the tobacco stores.

Costs of the Residency permit:

The cost of the slip is € 70,46

The cost of the residency permit kit is € 30,00

The closest Post Office to the Tor Vergata University is in via Terzilio Cardinali 11.

Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 8h25 to 19h10; Saturday from 8h25 to 12h35; Sunday closed.

Residency Permit Renewal

The application for the residency permit renewal has to be submitted at least 60 days before the expiry date of the current “Permesso di Soggiorno”.

Here below a reminder of the steps to apply for the renewal:

  • Get the kit for the residency permit request (available either at post offices or at the University Welcome Office in Via Cracovia, room D001).
  • Fill in both the application form (Module 1) and the bulletin (70,46€). In case you need support, you can come at the Welcome Office to receive assistance.
  • Collect the following documents before submitting the application form: copy of each page of the passport; Copy of “Permesso di Soggiorno”; copy of the Fiscal Code; the certified list of the exams you passed (issued by the secretary of your course); copy of the Health Insurance; the Revenue Stamp (Marca da Bollo 16€) that you can find at any Tabacchi shop.
  • Go to any Post Office with the logo “Sportello Amico” and submit both the application form and the collected documents.
  • After the payment the post officer will give you the receipt of payment and the appointment with “Questura”.
Health Service

Having a valid health insurance in Italy is essential to request a residency permit.

If the student has already stipulated an insurance policy in the country of origin and it has been validated by the Italian representation before she/he left, the student can use it for the first issue of her/his residency permit.

Otherwise once in Italy the student will have two opportunities: either registering with the National Health Service (SSN) or stipulating a private policy.

National Health Service

The registration to the National Health Service (SSN), will give the student complete health assistance and she/he will be assigned (or she/he can choose) to a doctor.

Registration is valid for one solar year (from January to December)

How to register:

At the post office:

  • Fillin the slip and pay € 149.77 to postal current account no. 370007 addressed to: “Tesoreria Provinciale dello Stato, Regione  Lazio”;

Write the following description: "iscrizione volontaria al SSN year…."

(which means ‘voluntary registration to the SSN’);

  • Go to the closest ASL office (Local Health Authority). The closest one to the University is in ‘Via di Torrenova’ (other addresses can be found at the salute.gov.it/) and bring the proof of payment.

INA Assitalia private policy

The INA-Assitalia policy only covers emergency health treatments in public hospitals and is valid for 6-12 months after the payment.

To activate the policy the student has to:

-Fill in and pay a €98 form (annual fee) or €49 (6-months fee) at the post office on postal current account no. 71270003;

-Address it to: “Agenzia Generale di Roma INA Assitalia”;

-Write the following description: ‘polizza sanitaria studenti stranieri da 6 a 12 mesi’ (which means ‘six to twelve months foreign student health policy’).

White code - basic health care

The University of Rome Tor Vergata is pleased to announce that a basic health care centre is available for our foreign students and those coming from other Italian regions except Lazio.

The service is free of charge for:

-all Italian students residing outside Lazio,

-all European students who have an ENI card number

-the students of any nationality enrolled in the Italian National Health Service (SSN/SSR).

Those students that want to be enrolled in the National/Regional Health Service will be supported as well.

Examination rooms, located in the Occupational Health Department, will be open on Mondays and Thursdays 14-16 on the second floor of the University Hospital.

This facility is organized on a walk-in basis, without any appointment. Students may obtain the following services:

  • A normal medical examination
  • ECG and blood pressure check
  • Prescription (according to the doctor’s examination) of therapies, blood tests, instrumental investigations, specialist examinations
  • Health certificates for gym.

A professional MD and an IMS student about to graduate will be working together in this health facility. The future IMS graduate will help the doctor in case of cultural or linguistic barriers hindering access to primary care. On the same days and time there will also be a nutritionist to treat eating disorders; customized diets may also be prescribed.

The following medical services will not be available: vaccinations, emergency, surgical medications or diagnostic and surgical procedures.

Welcome Weeks

Welcome Weeks: in September two weeks are dedicated to welcome and orientation activities for all students arriving at the Tor Vergata University.

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