White Code Room

The University of Rome Tor Vergata is pleased to announce that a basic health care centre is available for our foreign students and those coming from other Italian regions except Lazio.

The service is free of charge for all Italian students residing outside Lazio, for all European students who have an ENI card number and for students of any nationality enrolled in the Italian National Health Service (SSN/SSR). Support will also be given to those students that want to be enrolled in the National/Regional Health Service.

Examination rooms, located in the Occupational Health Department, is open on Mondays and Thursdays 14-16 on the second floor of the University Hospital.

This facility is organized on a walk-in basis, without any appointment. Students may obtain the following services:

• A normal medical examination
• ECG and blood pressure check
• Prescriptions (according to the doctor’s examination) of therapies, blood tests, instrumental investigations, specialist examinations
• Health certificates for gym.

For information: whitecode@med.uniroma2.it

The following medical services will not be available: vaccinations, emergency, surgical medications or diagnostic and surgical procedures.