Engineering Sciences

Course type: Bachelor’s Degree

School: Engineering

Department: Industrial Engineering

Duration: 3 years

Language: English

Access type: Skype interview for Non-EU and EU students resident abroad. TOLC-I admission test for Italian, Non-EU and EU students resident in Italy.

Class: L-9

Course code: K73

Description and Teaching Objectives

The BSc in Engineering Sciences provides students with a solid background in the core disciplines (Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry) as well as specific preparation in Mechanics/Energetics, Electronics and ICT/Internet Engineering.

The interdisciplinary nature of the course enables students to develop a wide range of transferable skills: our students are able to solve engineering problems through laboratory experiments, numerical simulations and analysis of results.

Graduates in Engineering Sciences are highly valued by multinational corporations, large international companies, private and public industries that seek young professionals with excellent operational skills, fluent use of English and who are able to engage critically with a rage of different material.

Career Opportunities

Graduates in Engineering Sciences have overarching skills in Industrial Engineering and Information Engineering which are crucial for applications where Mechanics, Energetics and Electronics play an equal role.

They can think primarily in Mechanical and Electronic terms without neglecting aspects related to Management, Energy and Information Technology.

This Degree provides access to corporations and large companies with international aspirations requiring professionals able to work properly in operational contexts where English is spoken.

Possible professional applications include: Mechanical Computer-Aided Design, Electronics, Thermo-Mechanics, Electro-mechanics, Plant Management and Control, Production of Goods and Services within Electromechanical Industries and Energy Production and Management, Technical and Commercial companies, Innovation Management and Supply Chain.

Being a Bachelor’s Degree, most of our graduates also go on to further study in Master of Sciences either in Italy or abroad.