Global Governance

Course type: Bachelor’s Degree

School: Economics

Department: Economics and Finance

Duration: 3 years

Language: English

Access type: Open with curriculum evaluation

Class: LM-16

Course code: O37

Description and Teaching Objectives

A Degree in Global Governance offers an interdisciplinary education method. It was designed to meet the challenges of new global phenomena, which require professionals with transversal skills in Politics, Economics and Law, scientific and technical competences as well as skills to manage cultural mediation processes and ethical challenges.
The course is restricted to 200 students (150 EU citizens and 50 non-EU students) selected on the base of their experience, openness to diversity and motivation towards the project.
Teaching and all activities take place in English in order to achieve international standards of knowledge and to encourage an inclusive approach towards foreign students. Every year some visiting professors from foreign universities are involved as well.
In order to provide a dynamic and enriching experience, students engage in a challenging project which includes a series of extra-curricular activities, e.g. conferences, institutional visits and exchanges with foreign Universities. Furthermore, this encompasses training activities and traineeships enabling the students to deepen their knowledge of the reality they live in.
Not only does the key innovation of such didactic approach consist in interdisciplinary classes and an international working environment, but also in a new study method: the limited number of students allows the performance of exercises, faculty-students informal relations and daily, direct contacts within an exchange-friendly, interactive environment. Students are hence actively involved right from the start.
In third year students develop specific skills for their successful integration into operational activities within national, European and international organisations, be it in the public, private or third sector. Their creative and transversal sensitivity are then enhanced to tackle complex problems arising from global changes, which are often accelerated by technological developments and involve challenges for organisations and communities at all levels. Thanks to their interdisciplinary tools, at the end of the course graduates are able to analyse change patterns involving governments, institutions, national and supranational firms from an organisational, legal and financial viewpoint.

Career Opportunities

Graduates in Global Governance can continue their University studies with Master Degrees and 1st Level Master Degrees both in Italy and abroad in areas such as: International Political and Administration Science, International Law, Development Cooperation, Business, Economics, Communication, Marketing, Humanities and Philosophy, Statistics. In Common Law countries students can also enrol into vocational courses for legal careers.
Moreover, graduates can directly enter the workplace: their specific training enables them to use their skills in a variety of fields within both public and private sector. Particular reference is made to:

• European and international institutions, agencies and organisations;
• National and local public administrations;
• Trade unions, trade associations, political associations and third sector associations operating at a national and supranational level;
• Strategic consulting;
• Journalism and new media at both national and international level;
• Private companies operating at national and multinational level in Business Internationalisation Consulting, Marketing, Personnel Management, Statistics and dealing with the Administration;
• Non-profit organizations and non-governmental organizations.