Clinical Acupuncture and Chinese Manual Therapies

Enroll in the Master’s degree in Advanced Clinical Acupuncture and Chinese Manual therapies at Tor Vergata University of Rome to promote your academic and professional advancement!
Tor Vergata University in Rome is among the top universities in Italy, the first in Italy according to the QS Top 50 Under 50 ranking. Tor Vergata is also a full partner of YUFE, an alliance of European universities chosen by the European Commission to develop and implement useful models to outline the European University. The YUFE alliance, which includes eight young universities, will build the first European University of the future, open to all.

What to expect from this Master’s Programme

Our comprehensive degree is intended for Bachelor graduates with various scientific and technical qualifications (medical doctors, dentists, health profession graduates, Heilpraktikers, etc).
In one year you will learn excellent diagnostic and therapeutic skills thanks to the program of scientific and clinical excellence based on the Heidelberg model of Chinese Medicine. This approach has been recommended by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Beijing, China, and considered a model for the integration of Chinese Medicine into Western health care systems and research. (you can find the document here).

Master Chinese Medicine in the Heart of Rome

Beautiful Rome is the larger campus where the Master will take place. Programs for spouses and families will be available during the academic year.


Faculty of Medicine Tor Vergata University
Via Montpellier 1
00133 Rome