BA in Languages in the Information Society

Partner: 🇫🇷 Université Catholique de Lille

Program: Dual Degree

Degree: Bachelor

Language: English

Course Structure: Languages in the Information Society


This Degree combines the study of languages with the solicitation to acquire technological knowledge in response to the expectations of a globalised society.

Students acquire a sound humanistic education: broad basic skills in Theoretical Linguistics and in Italian Language and Literature; complete written and oral fluency in at least two foreign languages to be chosen from the activated language classes (at least one of the European Union), as well as the cultural heritage of the civilisations they are expression of. The “language” phenomenon is analysed and interpreted in the light of relevant skills of literary, historical and philosophical character. An adequate command of general scientific methods and content as well as the acquisition of specific professional knowledge aim at ensuring students a multidisciplinary training to facilitate their positioning into the labour market; in particular, with the combination of linguistic knowledge and good skills in major computer and electronic communication tools, as well as in the development of their simple applications in specific operational areas.

Career Opportunities

This Degree prepares graduates to perform professional activities in all fields (journalism, publishing, cultural institutions, businesses and commercial activities, diplomatic and consular posts, etc.) requiring mastery in foreign languages and computer tools.
This professional profile can be immediately spent in the labour market, especially in innovative areas. Furthermore, it provides graduates with basic training to enrol into a Master Degree, indispensable to pursue scientific research and for any specialisation courses.