MSc in Physics / Astrophysics


Program: Joint Degree

Degree: Master

Language: English

Course Structure: AstroMundus


The students enrolled to Physics โ€“ European Programme Astromundus will have the opportunity to obtain a Joint Master Degree based on the agreement between the University of Rome Tor Vergata, department of Physics and the Universities of Innsbruck, Padova, Gottingen and Belgrade.

At the end of the course students will get a Joint Master Degree by all the partner universities they have visited during the Master studies.

Structure of the programme

During the first semester the students attend courses at the entrance university (University of Innsbruck). The second semester is spent at a second University of choice among the 2 Italian partner Universities (Padova and Rome). The third semester is spent in one of the three partner institutions at Rome, Gottingen or Belgrade depending on the astrophysical branches that the student will choose to specialize on. Finally, the fourth semester is mainly devoted to the Masterโ€™s thesis (30 ECTS) that can be accomplished in any of the partner universities.

Eligibility criteria

Candidates who want to join this programme must be officially enrolled in a Master programme at their home institution and they must complete at least 30 ECTS per semester.

Joint Degree students shall pay all required tuition and educational fees to the Home institution. The thesis of the students participating to the programme has to be written during the fourth semester, and it may be defended in one of the partner universities.

Selection and access

The students willing to take part to the Joint Degree Programme must apply for the specific call issued by the Department of reference.

Admission criteria include a Bachelorโ€™s degree in physical or mathematical sciences or an equivalent degree (180 ECTS) and depends mainly on academic qualifications. Admitted students will be required to sign a Student Agreement.

Web References and Contacts

Local Coordinator: Prof. Giuseppe Bono

Academic Advisor
Prof.ssa Viviana Fafone

Representative Board Team Member
Prof. Francesco Berrilli

Local Organising Commettee
Dr. Francesco De Gasperis

Dr. Dario Del Moro

Erasmus+ Office School of Mathematics, Physics and Natural Sciences
Dr. Laura Calconi

Phone: +39 0672594573