Course Type: Master Degree

Schoool: Biology

Department: Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences

Duration: 2 years

Language: English

Access type: Open with curriculum skills test

Class: LM–8

Course code: H04

Description and Teaching Objectives

This Degrees trains graduates with high vocational skills in a number of Biotechnology fields. Expertise in Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Genetics, Pharmacology and Microbiology is enhanced with notions of Ecology, Economics and Ethical Development.

Students learn and deepen study and development methods on bio-molecular systems and bio-processes critical to the use of Biotechnology in research, industry and services. They study genetic modifications, protein production, pharmacology, techniques of food production and control.

Students complete their training with laboratories and internship activities (24 ECTS) supported by industry experts and hence developing important technical skills that will favour their work placement.

Career Opportunities

– Jobs in research and control laboratories within universities and other public and private research institutes;

– Management and quality control in biotechnology plants; molecular diagnosis laboratories; biomedical, environmental and nutrition areas;

research and development laboratories; departments of production and quality control in biotechnology companies and companies interested in biotechnological innovation such as chemical, pharmaceutical, agri-food; in particular, companies using biological microsensor systems;

diagnostic laboratories with particular reference to the development and production of molecular and/or cellular assays and innovative diagnostic systems;

agencies drafting patent regulations regarding the exploitation of bio-industrial products and/or processes;

commercial and documentation organisations specifically involved in biotechnological production.

Professions in the Clinical Research area, such as the Clinical Research Assistant, the Auditor or other organizational, managerial and control roles in the field of clinical trials of new drugs.

Such multidisciplinary training enables students to interact with a wide range of different private and public organisations exploiting the use of biotechnologies at different levels and to continue their higher-education training, e.g. with Master’s Degrees, PhDs and Specialisation Schools.