Business Administration

Course type: Master of Science

School: Economics

Department: Management and Law

Duration: 2 years

Language: English

Access type: Open with curricular skills evaluation

Class: LM-77

Course code: H73

Description and Teaching Objectives

The Master of Science in Business Administration (Laurea Magistrale- LM 77) is a two-year programme taught entirely in English, internationally open, practice-oriented and job-market driven.
It provides students with a solid management background and allows them to choose from seven different areas of specialization divided into field of expertise, strongly qualifying students for the career they are targeting. The 2-year Master of Science includes lectures based on classes and projects, class discussions and group works.
General framework classes (providing more specific topics in comparison to Bachelor’s Degrees) include: General Management, Managerial Accounting, Organisational Dynamics and Behaviour, Managerial Finance,Business Statistics, Economics for Business and International Commercial Law.
Specialisation classes are to be chosen depending on the curriculum that the student wishes to undertake: “Controlling and Auditing”, “Marketing and Sales Management”, “Management Consulting”, “Entrepreneurship”, “Supply Chain Management”, “Human Resources Management” e “Social Innovation and Government”. Classes are complemented with seminars by company testimonials, whose purpose is to share their knowledge on business practices and strategies with students.
At the end of the second year students are supported to carry out in-company internships in order to acquire practical experience.

Career Opportunities

This Degree trains professional profiles with supervisory/management/consultancy functions mastering expertise in key business functions such as Consulting, Marketing, Finance, Personnel Management, Production, Accounting, Public Administration and Non-profit Organisations.
Since most professionals change their job (and collaborators) many times during their career, the ‘general’ subjects and flexibility of this programme allow future managers to quickly fit the rapidly changing environment characterising the corporates world.