Course type: Master Degree

School: Economics

Department: Economics and Finance

Duration: 2 years

Language: English

Access type: Open with curriculum evaluation

Class: LM-56

Course code: H71

Description and Teaching Objectives

The Master Degree in Economics provides advanced theoretical and empirical tools to analyse economic issues. Graduates acquire advanced methodological and professional skills to undertake economic analysis and design economic policies.

Particular attention is given to micro and macro economic issues in the context of a globalised economy. The Degree is structured in two years; the program covers four semesters and a final dissertation worth 24 ECTS of a total of 120.

Key subjects include Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Statistics, Probability, Mathematic Methods, Econometrics and Time Series, Stata, Matlab, Python, Law and Economics, Labour Economics and Public Economics.

A wide range of elective courses is offered, including Big Data for Economics and Finance, Industrial Organisation, Environmental Economics, Health Economics, Macroeconometrics, Microeconometrics.

Thanks to Double Degree agreements with the University of Gothenburg (Sweden) and the University of Konstanz (Germany), our students have the opportunity to improve their knowledge and skills in a multicultural environment.

Career Opportunities

M.Sc. Economics prepares students to become professional economists and researchers working at national and international institutions, consulting firms and research centers.

The skills acquired favour a theoretical and empirical understanding of the functioning of markets, and knowledge of how to design and implement economic policies.

Furthermore, this Degree represents the preliminary step for those who wish to undertake an academic career and continue their studies with a PhD in Economics at international universities.

Many former students have been accepted into graduate programs at European and U.S. universities.