European History | Scienze della Storia e del Documento

Course type: Master Degree / Unica Multiple Degree

School: Humanities

Department: History Humanities and Society


Language: English

Access type: Open with curriculum evaluation

Class: LM-

Course code: T

The M.A. Course in  “European History”  (MEH) is based on the initiative of UNICA – Network of Universities from the Capitals of Europe. It is a two-year international programme with a focus on European history in comparative and global perspective, offered by a consortium of  9 universities of 8 European capitals. This is the first MA programme in history to bring together a truly multinational, Europe-wide collaboration of high-profile partner universities:

The programme focuses on historical processes and comparative analysis of European history. It will help students to develop their ability to understand historical problems in a comparative framework by using primary sources and foreign languages. English is the language of instruction and will be accepted at all partner universities, but they offer also lessons and seminars in other languages (e.g. language of the host university).  The MEH offers the opportunity to experience Europe from the perspective of multiple countries, their cultures and languages.

Graduates of the MEH will be awarded an M.A. title with a double certificate issued by the home university and the host full member partner university/universities attended by the student.

MEH is a unique, international programme aptly suited for students interested in pursuing careers in international organisations and foundations.  The degree cultivates research, writing, and analytical skills that can be applied to a broad range of careers, e.g. in education, journalism, administration, diplomacy and the cultural sector.