Physical Activity and Health Promotion

Course type: Master Degree

School: Medicine and Surgery

Department: Biomedicine and Prevention

Duration: 2 years

Language: English

Access type: Open with curriculum skills test

Class: LM-68

Course code: M30

Description and Teaching Objectives

A Master Degree in Physical Activity and Health Promotion trains graduates who can work as skilled coaches in physical activities, trainers in amateur sports and wellness specialists. All classes and exams are held in English only.

Graduates shall be able to interact with other professionals such as doctors and biologists thanks to their scientific and skilful competences. In particular, they will be able to cooperate with medical teams to cure and prevent pathologies such as chronic-degenerative diseases (e.g. metabolic syndrome, obesity, hypertension and ischaemic heart diseases).

Students shall broaden their basic knowledge thanks to up-to-date information on PubMed and NIH Library USA which cover all benefits of physical activities for disease prevention and good health. Furthermore, they shall be aware of negative health impacts caused by uncontrolled physical activities.

In order to work in fitness and wellness, graduates shall:
– have basic knowledge for physical and functional assessments in relation to individual specific characteristics;
– set up training programmes and physical activities for groups and/or individuals;
– set up courses to promote health and amateur sports;
– set up rehabilitation programmes through physical activities for health promotion and disease prevention;
– be able to relate to and communicate with institutions, associations and families as managers;
– know the main regulations regarding the physical activity sector, coaches’ legal responsibilities and basic ethical principles relating to their profession;
– be able to identify and avoid dangerous situations that may occur while training;
– know first aid procedures and measures in case of emergency.

The brightest students can draft their final dissertations within the scheme of an international internship in the U.S. (Virginia: George Mason University, Philadelphia: Drexel University) or in Brazil (Rio de Janeiro: State University of RJ, UERJ and Curitiba: Federal University of Parana, UFPR), and then discuss them at the University of Rome Tor Vergata.

Students may participate in all international initiatives put forth by the University of Rome Tor Vergata.

Career Opportunities

The course trains highly qualified, skilled professionals who can operate in the fitness, wellness and medical field.
As far as fitness is concerned, they can work as: athletic trainers experienced in training methods for leisure physical activities; trainers in a number of fitness disciplines within specific facilities; trainers for individual and group programmes of structured physical activities within equipped centres.
As for the biomedical field, they can operate within specialist medical practices requiring such professional figures.