Physics of Complex Systems and Big Data

Course Type: Master Degree

Schoool: Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences

Department: Physics

Duration: 2 years

Language: English

Access type: Open with curriculum skills test



Physics-based sectors are a major contributor to the Italian economy according to a recent Deloitte report. Modern life is founded on discoveries in Physics. The curriculum in Physics of Complex Systems and Big Data aims at providing students with the ability of dealing with complex systems, identifying the most adequate computational platforms and software frameworks in order to elaborate solutions to specific problems.

In addition to the advanced physics courses on Quantum Mechanics, Material Science and Mathematical Methods for Physics, the course offers specific lectures on: Optimization and Statistical Mechanics, Complex and Neural Networks, Machine Learning or Web Mining & Retrieval, Digital Data Analysis, Advanced Statistics, Data Bases. Many lectures include practical activities with laboratories in collaboration with research centres in the Tor Vergata area: Informatics, Electronics, Astrophysics.

Career Opportunities

Data Science is a new emerging discipline. Our Curriculum in Physics of Complex Systems and Big Data introduces its specific aspects, including methodological and practical competencies, providing Data Scientists with a different point of view as to define new strategies in tackling the forthcoming data manipulation, data visualisation, and large scale computing problems.

Our graduates are expected to find job opportunities in many sectors where data complexity plays a major role: economics, banking, space technology, information technology, communication
technology, electronics.

It’s possible to do an internship in a company or research institute in preparation for the final thesis. Among the elective courses you can choose Game Theory and  Entrepreneurship provided by the School of Economics in case you desire to acquire skills in business strategies.