Big Data in Business

Course Type: Master (2nd Level)

School: Economics

Department: Economics and Finance

Duration: 1 year

Language: English

Access Type: MSc in Economics, Engineering, Informatics, Physics, Maths, Statistics, Telecommunication, Management

Description and Teaching Objectives

The Master in Big Data in Business is a one-year graduate program (Master di secondo livello) designed to provide the participants with the necessary scientific, managerial, and technical background to work, at the highest professional level, in the area of Big Data. Graduates will receive the skills that are needed to manage advanced technologies for the design and management of Big Data.

The program is designed around four pillars: advanced technologies in Software Engineering, Statistical techniques, Telecommunication Engineering, and Business. All these subjects are needed to acquire the capacity to design and manage Big Data. The aim of the first period is the transmission of knowledge through traditional lectures, laboratory training and seminars.

The program, entirely in English, is organised over 12 months in two distinct periods. For the first 7 months, the participants will attend courses at the University di Roma Tor Vergata where they will acquire the necessary theoretical and methodological training. Frontal lectures are organised in three terms. In the first two terms, which are the core of the Program, the student will receive the basic knowledge needed to manage Big Data. In the third term the student can choose between elective subjects.

Furthermore, the students shall produce a written final work (Master thesis), which corresponds to 9 ECTS credits. Its topic should be agreed with the coordinator of the program. The Master thesis could be also carried out during an internship in Italian or European companies and institutions.
The Master in Big Data in Business is limited to a maximum of 30 positions and a minimum of 15 positions.

Classes will be held from Monday to Friday for 30 hours a week on average.

Career Opportunities

Our best students have the possibility to do an internship at the following companies: Accenture, ENEL, P&G, Iccrea Banca, ADVANT, IBI Lorenzini, SOSE, Iconsulting.