Engineering and International Space Law in Satellite Communication, Navigation and Sensing Systems

Course Type: Master (2nd Level)

School: Engineering

Department: Electronic Engineering

Duration: 1 year

Language: English

Access Type: MSc in Engineering, Physics or Maths / oral interview

Description and Teaching Objectives

The Master in Engineering and International Space Law in Satellite Communication, Navigation and Sensing Systems (MasterSpazio) has the objective to provide students, already prepared in scientific and technical disciplines, more advanced competences both technical and juridical in the field of communication/navigation and sensing via satellite systems. At the end of the course, students should be able to better understand, analyze, develop and manage challenges and business opportunities in the satellite world. At the same time, it provides students with a solid knowledge on the international space law needed to exploit the space through the new modern technology.
The Master is structured in one year divided in two part: the first part includes lecturers/seminars and exams, the second part a training period in a company/institution in the space field.
The 60 CFU are acquired in the following way:

– a minimum of 35 CFU through lecturers and exams.
– 15 CFU for the stage
– 7 CFU for Project work (7 CFU)
– Final dissertation (3CFU)

Key subjects are: fundamental of space systems, satellite communication systems, satellite navigation systems, international space law.

Career Opportunities

The training period is a precious period in which students can get in contact with important companies in the satellite fields (Thales Alenia Space, Telespazio, Serco, Avio). The Master provides a strong background in the field of satellite navigation, which is gaining more and more attention in the business world and competences in this field are required not only by space/satellite companies, but also other type of companies, innovative start up etc. It is worth noting that the Master also provides management elements (risk management etc.), which is a skill more than desirable in most of the companies. The juridical part of the competentes widen the range of job opportunities.

Web References and Contacts

Coordinator: Prof. Ernestina Cianca


Telephone 1: +39 380 1833 549

Telephone 2:  +39 06 7259 7284