Exam Rules

Exams are an important part of the academic study experience. They may be written and/or oral tests. Students are advised to check the specific information regarding the exam rules by visiting the course webpage and reading the course syllabus.


All exams are marked out of 30:
• Fail: exams that are awarded a mark between 0 and 17 out of 30 are considered as failed ones and must therefore be repeated;
• Pass: a mark between 18 and 30 out of 30 allows students to obtain the credits provided for by the programme structure;
• “Cum Laude”: Examination Board may award “lode” (cum laude) to students who achieve thirty out of thirty (30/30);
• Reject you mark: a mark can be rejected by the students who aren’t satisfied and the exam has to be taken during the next session.

The results of written exams are available on the course website or as otherwise specified by the professor.


Exams can only be taken after the course has ended; once the mark has been registered on Delphi, the student is notified about the mark registration and has some days to arise any issues. After this time period the mark is officially registered and cannot be cancelled.