Department of Clinical Science and Translational Medicine

The Department of Clinical Sciences and Translational Medicine was formed in 2012 in order to establish a group of professors and researchers both of clinical training and of basic research, who intend to interact on various research lines in order to create a strong and efficient exchange of information between molecular medicine and clinical research.

The Department of Clinical Sciences and Translational Medicine aims to consolidate and improve, both clinically and molecularly, knowledge on the etiology and pathogenesis and progression of diseases of inborn and acquired medical and surgical interest, of a metabolic, degenerative and oncological nature , related to the locomotor system, the maxillofacial district, the visual apparatus and ENT, this research produces effects, at the level of teaching, in the training of various professionals in the medical area, including post-graduate training in the specific sector.

The Department promotes biotechnology and biomedical research programs of interest for the design and experimentation of new diagnostic and therapeutic approaches, in particular to chronic degenerative diseases, which are or are likely to have a high impact on public health.

Finally, it promotes research programs on the chemical-physical properties of Biomaterials and on the development of new technologies for their clinical application in the various districts under the jurisdiction of the Department.