Department of Systems Medicine

The Department of Systems Medicine was established in 2012 from the merger of three Departments of the Faculty of Medicine of the Tor Vergata University of Rome (Internal Medicine, Neuroscience and Public Health) to comply with the requirements of Law 204/2010 which required the birth of new departmental structures characterized by the principle of homogeneity so that they could be assigned the functions of scientific research and of educational and training activities, in addition to those related to external or related to them, in specific disciplinary fields.

The Department of Systems Medicine therefore promotes the integration between advancement of knowledge and excellence in the treatment of chronic-degenerative diseases, in particular the interaction between diseases (medicine of complexity) and therapeutic approaches (polytherapy), key subjects of the PNR 2014-2020 .

The numerous skills in the field of medical investigation and assistance characterize for a purely translational vocation aimed at transferring in the clinical practice of the acquisitions of the biomedical sciences with a “bedside-to-bench-to-bedside” philosophy.

The same approach is used at the educational level in the various Master’s, Specialist and Triennial courses involving the Department’s teachers.

The scientific, didactic and clinical interest of the Department thus embraces the study of the physiology and pathology of systems in the age of development, in adulthood and in aging.