Activate your Email Account

Every enrolled students at Tor Vergata is assigned a specific email address which is necessary for most online activities: In order to activate your account follow the guide below.

NB: If you want to use Office 365 remember that once you have read this guide and activated your email account, you also need to activate your Office 365 account. Click on the button at the end this page to do so.

1. Access the Delphi page and enter your personal area.

2. Once logged-in select, under Other services, Activate other services.

3. At this point you are directed to a page with the Services provided, where you can simply click on Microsoft Office 365 Activation.

4. In the new screen, select the First Activation / Reset Password item.

5. At this point, depending on whether you are a current student or an ex-student (alumni), select the first or second item, respectively.

6. Choose a password and click on Confirm data.

7. The procedure is complete. The following screen will be displayed.

Once the email address has been activated, you will be able to access your email address via the website by entering:

Password: [your password]

NB: when e-mail is activated, the student is provided with a UserID ( with which he / she can access to the various services and an address reserved for e-mail  (