what is isee

What is ISEE

The ISEE certificate (Indicatore Situazione Economica Equivalente – Equivalent Economic Situation Indicator) is the instrument for assessing the economic situation of individuals who request subsidised social benefits.

It is reserved for students from EU and non-EU countries who belong to a family unit with declared incomes in Italy. This can be obtained by combining and considering three elements: income, assets, and family.

For the purpose of tuition fees, if parents are not members of the family unit, students can be considered to be a single member of the family only in the following cases:

  • students have not been living in the original family home (or in a house owned by a family member) for at least two years since the date of their original enrollment application for each time they apply for a course.
  • the student has an adequate income.

If both conditions are not satisfied, students will be considered as a member of their parents’ family.

In accordance with current legislation, the only ISEE considered valid for the calculation of tax brackets and other benefits provided by the University is the ISEE-University.