Bepooler carpooling

BePooler Carpooling Tor Vergata

Starting from November 3, 2021, the new carpooling service dedicated to the entire Tor Vergata University community will start. This service is offered by Roma Servizi per la Mobilità through BePooler (, which offers a specialized service to encourage the formation of carpooling crews among colleagues.

It is an important opportunity to contain polluting emissions and vehicular congestion in systematic home-university and home-work trips. For users, it means a potential significant saving in transport costs and getting to know their colleagues better.

How to register?

Download the free BePooler ‘App’ from Google Play or App Store onto your cell phone. With carpooling you will be able to share a car journey with a colleague and arrive with her/him at the university, return home or go elsewhere.

Signing up is easy, fast and intuitive. The driver can decide whether or not to enable automated travel expense reimbursements. The Tor Vergata user community adopts the TVER code that must be indicated during the registration and qualifies users of the shared journey by certifying it.

The steps to follow to use the Carpooling service offered by Roma Capitale are:

  • Search on the web for the BePooler App (you can find it on Google Play or App Store), download the App, and begin registration as a user by following the requests that the App will make to you and remembering to enter the COMPANY CODE: TVER
  • Once you have completed your registration on the BePooler app you will be able to qualify you as a driver or as a passenger (rider)
  • You can then check if there are colleagues who live near you or who make a home-university route compatible with yours and if they are available to offer or receive a ride by deciding with them the time, the possible weekly frequency of the journey and the place of departure (pick up)
  • Book the trip well in advance and know that you can always get in touch with your colleague through the App chats
  • On the day and at the time agreed upon, show up at the meeting point, remember to activate your satellite position on your smartphone and have a good trip, not forgetting to wear your personal protective equipment.