Car2go Car Sharing

Car2go is a car sharing service with no established point of rental.

To use the car sharing in Rome you have to log in on the website car2go, inserting your personal details including your address and payment data. Through the app you can start using the car2go’s service: find your vehicle nearest and reserve a car. From the moment of the reservation, you have 20 minutes to reach the car and start the rental. In addition, the parking is no-limit zone except for “Il Tridente” and the ZTL areas are free access.

If you invite friends, associates or relatives in car2go you obtain 60 minutes of free driving. Moreover, your friends do not pay the cost of registration, and they receive 30 minutes of free driving as well.

The agreement between the Tor Vergata University of Rome and Car2go provides some parking lots in the University areas, where car2go’s users can either freely park the Smart cars (Fortwo and Forfour) or start the rental towards all the areas of Rome.

car2go’s website: