Campus Safety

The campus safety at Tor Vergata University of Rome is managed by SPP Servizio di Prevenzione e Protezione (Prevention and Protection Service).

  • SPP is directly subordinated to the Rector, in accordance with current regulations, hierarchically and functionally
  • SPP advises the Employer (Rector) and the Managers (Headmasters, Department Managers and Heads of Management) for fulfilling safety and health in the workplace;
  • collaborates with the Employer and the Managers in the preparation of the Risk Assessment Document, the identification of the prevention and protection measures and the preparation of
  • the program for the improvement of the time of the safety levels;
  • performs functions of internal auditor and insurer of the University Security Management System.

The Prevention and Protection Service also fulfills the functions envisaged by Legislative Decree no. 81 of 9 April 2008, ie collaborating:

  • identification of risk factors;
  • the assessment of risks and the identification of measures for the safety and health of work environments, in compliance with current legislation on the basis of the specific knowledge of the
  • University organization;
  • to develop, as far as it is competent, the preventive and protective measures and the control systems of these measures;
  • to elaborate the security procedures for the various University activities also in collaboration with the Building Technical Area;
  • to propose workers’ information and training programs; to participate in consultations on the protection of health and safety;
  • to provide workers with the information required by law.

The set of reference figures and the functions performed constitutes the “integrated safety system”, which is the tool able to guarantee safe working conditions.