Call for Application – B.Sc. in Business Administration & Economics

Call for Application - B.Sc. in Business Administration & Economics

Applications for the B.Sc. in Business Administration & Economics a.y. 2021/2022 are open and you can take the ENGLISH TOLC-E.

The bachelor in Business Administration and Economics is a undergraduate degree course useful to cope with the complexity of a global economy.

The programme presents a multidisciplinary approach, tackling with concepts and models from Management, Economics, Finance and Quantitative Methods.

The structure of the programme is continuously updated, focusing on the development of concrete links between theory and real-world applications. The international context supports our students to strengthen their own integration and co-competition abilities to successfully approach the professional and the personal life.

UTV Language Centre Launches 23 Free Online Courses

Tor Vergata Language Center

The Tor Vergata Language Centre (CLA Centro Linguistico di Ateneo) offers self-learning courses of 23 foreign languages through the Rosetta Stone platform.

The courses do not include face-to-face classes, and the online material is available at any time and via any device. Each participant’s activity is constantly monitored, and a remote support system to correctly use the contents, to optimise the learning process, and to solve possible technical problems is also provided.

The courses are free for all members of the academic community (BA and MA students, PhD students, Post-doc personnel, Research fellows, Professors, and technical-administrative staff).

For more information, please visit the CLA website ( or feel free to contact the CLA staff at

YUFE launches Diploma Supplement Track

yufe diploma supplement track

Imagine that you could create your own curriculum, choosing from academic courses offered at any of the YUFE universities. You could study, learn a language, do volunteer work, and professional training (virtually) in ten different countries. The information for organising your own individual learning experience will be at your fingertips and all activities and accomplishments will be acknowledged on your YUFE Diploma Supplement and, in the future, on a true European Diploma recognised throughout Europe. You could be part of the first group of students piloting our European University; the Young Universities for the Future of Europe.

Starting on Monday 30 November 2020 YUFE is opening its first version of the YUFE Diploma Supplement Track: The application period is open for 1 (one) week only, or shorter in case 40 students from your university have applied. Applications can be uploaded through the newly launched YUFE Virtual Campus until Sunday 6 December 2020, 23:59 CET. Since this year’s YUFE Diploma Supplement Track is still a pilot programme, we can only allow 40 students from each YUFE university to apply. When the application period is over, a selection committee will select the final 10 students per university based on their eligibility and motivation.

The YUFE Diploma Supplement Track offers you the opportunity to work on obtaining a minimum of 12 credits (ECTS) for academic courses at another YUFE university (via virtual, blended, and/or physical mobility), participate in the YUFE Academy and the induction courses, and take up activities leading up to the YUFE Stars all within a maximum period of 2 years.

YUFE Stars

At YUFE it is important to not only acknowledge your academic performance but also acknowledge your effort in mobility, language learning, professional training, job shadowing, and community volunteering. This is YUFE have created YUFE Stars, an innovative recognition system for activities with specific and personalised learning goals that not only relate to academic education in a European University setting. The YUFE Star System consists of 4 stars: the mobility star, the language star, the professional star and the civic star. They encourage students, staff and learners to pursue personal and professional development, while experiencing the possibility to contribute as individuals to society to activities with a Europe-wide impact.

YUFE Diploma Supplement

Upon completion of your YUFE journey, you will be rewarded with a YUFE Diploma Supplement, on which the YUFE Stars are also recognised.

You can earn the YUFE Diploma Supplement as a YUFE student, after fulfilling the below requirements:

  • Complete a minimum of 12 ECTS for (online/physical/blended) academic courses at another university in the YUFE Alliance than the university you are currently enrolled at; and
  • Complete a minimum of 2 YUFE Stars (including at least the Mobility Star); and
  • Participate in a minimum of 3 lectures from the YUFE Academy; and
  • Take part in all YUFE’s Induction courses on the YUFE Virtual Campus.

Remember: YUFE Diploma Supplement Track is a pilot activity and as such will be open only for a relatively small number of students.

Apply Now

See YUFE’s FAQ for more information on the YUFE Diploma Supplement Track.

The application process takes place through the YUFE Virtual Campus.

YUFE Career Tracks: Postdoc Call on European Identity


The YUFE academic Staff Journey begins, the first YUFE Postdoctoral Programme Call is now open.

Have you recently finished your PhD and do you have a keen research interest in European Identity? Apply for a three-year YUFE postdoc position at one of our YUFE universities – and take part in the research activities of one of the first European Universities!

The postdoc positions are open to promising early career researchers holding a PhD. The programme is targeted at researchers from the Social Sciences, Humanities, and any other relevant field concerning the YUFE focus theme European identity and responsibilities in a global world.

The Programme aims to build the first YUFE Career Track by providing early career researchers with excellent research conditions, dedicated mentoring and the opportunity to co-create one of the first European Universities.

Networking across YUFE and career development opportunities within YUFE and beyond will be at the center of the YUFE Postdoctoral Programme.

BA in Business Administration & Economics reopens applications

BA in Business Administration & Economics reopens applications

The fully english taught Bachelor in Business Administration and Economics at Tor Vergata’s School of Economics,  has re-opened its application for the a.y. 2020/2021: The application period is from October 12 to November 5.

There are 67 available places  (reserved to EU students and non-EU students already residing in Italy with a regular resident permit) so hurry up if you don’t want to miss this great opportunity to join one of the most competitive BA’s in economics in Italy.

About the bachelor

The bachelor in Business Administration & Economics or BAE is a undergraduate degree course useful to cope with the complexity of a global economy. The programme provides the competencies and the conceptual and methodological tools to meet the challenges of the economic system and the internal dynamics of organisations and institutions that elaborate their strategies in it. It is a three – year programme fully taught in English: the first two academic years share a base of common training courses, while in the third year, students can choose between two different curricula, Business Administration (course code T16) or Economics (course code T17). For further info on BAE read here.

How to Apply

All the information is available in the english Call for applications (below), and on the BAE website.

YUFE courses starting August 2020


As a European University Alliance brought to life to, amongst others, enhance connection and cooperation between students, staff, businesses, policy makers and citizens of Europe through mobility, the Covid-19 pandemic has really made us think hard about the way ahead. Thankfully, right from the start, YUFE had already put a big emphasis on blended and online learning and mobility, as we always believed that both would be extremely important to make an international study, working and living experience possible for all rather than developing yet another framework for the happy few.

By continuing all of our endeavours virtually through the YUFE Virtual Campus, an online platform that will virtually connect citizens, students, staff and businesses all over Europe, YUFE brings Europe to your home. You can still study or work abroad, despite any restrictions on movement. You can still collaborate across Europe with businesses, staff, students, citizens and policy makers on the YUFE Challenge Teams. You can still help local communities through the YUFE Helpdesk or any other volunteering opportunities. YUFE brings Europe to you, so you can continue shaping our society and your future.

On 22 July 2020, YUFE will open its virtual doors to see what the YUFE Introduction Offer entails. As the name already reveals, the YUFE Introduction Offer, is a teaser of what YUFE can offer to students and (lifelong) learners. Through the YUFE Introduction Offer, up to 100 students (already registered at a YUFE university as second year bachelor or above) can take a maximum of two online YUFE academic courses and one online YUFE language course. This sneak peek into YUFE Student Journey can be a stand-alone activity or represent a stepping-stone into the more complete YUFE Diploma Supplement Track.

With the YUFE Introduction Offer, you will be one of the very first students at a European University and you will contribute to the pioneering work towards building an international higher education for all!

As of 29 July 2020, visit to apply for this YUFE Introduction Offer before 15 September 2020!

Please check the individual courses for the specific deadlines and start dates.

Students Welcome 2020: Italian Language Courses


CLICI (Center for Italian Language and Culture) organizes Extensive Courses in Italian Language and Culture for Tor Vergata foreign students.

For more info on CLICI read here.

Registration from July till September 2020

For further information, follow the live event with the Director’s of CLICI, prof. Florinda Nardi.

Event Info

When: Wednesday, July 8, 4 p.m

Where: Tor Vergata’s Social media pages


BSc in Business Administration & Economics Open Day Online


The online Open Day of the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration & Economics will be held on May 22, at 3 pm, through Microsoft Teams.

The event is aimed at presenting the courses, the Dual Degree opportunities, and the various seminars and extra activities provided during the academic year.


– Prof. Luca Gnan, Coordinator of the Degree Course

– Dr. Silvia Tabuani, Didactic Secretariat

– Dr. Flavia Imperatori, Admissions Manager

– Said Saber Abdelmalek Sandrino, BAE student representative

The event will be visible via the Web, even for those who are not in possession of Microsoft Teams.

Interested parties must register at the following link by May 20th.

MSc in Economics Open Day Online


Are you looking for a Master Degree in English? Do not miss the MSc. Economics online Open Day!

Join us to find out more on how to shape your future with Tor Vergata University’s Master degree in Economics!

On May 15, at 2pm (via Microsoft Teams), Professor Alberto Iozzi, Coordinator of the Programme, will give a presentation to all interested students on:

✓ The programme in brief
✓ New courses
✓ Scholarships and Double Degree opportunities
✓ Placement of Economics graduates