Students Welcome 2020 Online Edition

Students Welcome 2020 Online Edition

If you are a new international student, the Welcome Office is here to help you.
Also this year Tor Vergata University of Rome will be glad to welcome all of our newly enrolled students to the Students Welcome Weeks 2020.

Online Activities 2020

Enrollment support meetings:
When: Starting from 5 August, 2020
What: if you have finalized the procedure on Universitaly platform, the Welcome Office will contact you by email and help you through the enrollment process or offer support if you’re having difficulties
Where: Microsoft teams (you will receive by email a link for the online meeting)

Welcome online:
When: Starting from 26 August, 2020
What: each week the Welcome Office will organize online meetings dedicated to welcome and orientation activities for all the new students enrolled at Tor Vergata University.
International students already in Italy will be supported and tutored in filling the Stay Permit, Health Insurance and Pass card for transportation in Rome modules.
Where: Microsoft teams (you will receive by email a link for the online meeting)

Students Welcome Events:
Presentation of activities and organizations available at the campus of #unitorvergata or in the city of Rome.

When: Starting from 26 August, 2020, presentation of our services in English:

Where: youtube channel unitovergata, playlist “Students Welcome 2020” – facebook unitorvergata

Website: Welcome Office Page
Facebook: Tor Vergata Orienta

YUFE courses starting August 2020


As a European University Alliance brought to life to, amongst others, enhance connection and cooperation between students, staff, businesses, policy makers and citizens of Europe through mobility, the Covid-19 pandemic has really made us think hard about the way ahead. Thankfully, right from the start, YUFE had already put a big emphasis on blended and online learning and mobility, as we always believed that both would be extremely important to make an international study, working and living experience possible for all rather than developing yet another framework for the happy few.

By continuing all of our endeavours virtually through the YUFE Virtual Campus, an online platform that will virtually connect citizens, students, staff and businesses all over Europe, YUFE brings Europe to your home. You can still study or work abroad, despite any restrictions on movement. You can still collaborate across Europe with businesses, staff, students, citizens and policy makers on the YUFE Challenge Teams. You can still help local communities through the YUFE Helpdesk or any other volunteering opportunities. YUFE brings Europe to you, so you can continue shaping our society and your future.

On 22 July 2020, YUFE will open its virtual doors to see what the YUFE Introduction Offer entails. As the name already reveals, the YUFE Introduction Offer, is a teaser of what YUFE can offer to students and (lifelong) learners. Through the YUFE Introduction Offer, up to 100 students (already registered at a YUFE university as second year bachelor or above) can take a maximum of two online YUFE academic courses and one online YUFE language course. This sneak peek into YUFE Student Journey can be a stand-alone activity or represent a stepping-stone into the more complete YUFE Diploma Supplement Track.

With the YUFE Introduction Offer, you will be one of the very first students at a European University and you will contribute to the pioneering work towards building an international higher education for all!

As of 29 July 2020, visit to apply for this YUFE Introduction Offer before 15 September 2020!

Please check the individual courses for the specific deadlines and start dates.

YUFE Opens Doors to its New Virtual Campus


From Autumn 2020 students and academic staff from the 10 universities that make up the Young Universities for the Future of Europe (YUFE) alliance will be the first to experience the YUFE Virtual Campus.

The YUFE Virtual Campus will give students from across the 10 YUFE alliance universities the valuable opportunity to undertake more than 130 virtual courses in international study, with a focus on student-centred and research-based learning.

The YUFE Virtual Campus has been set up to provide students and staff across the alliance with an international learning experience while protecting their health and wellbeing during the current Covid-19 pandemic.

YUFE Courses

Courses will be delivered through a blend of online teaching and planned visits, dependent on travel restrictions, throughout the 2020-2021 academic year.

Students taking part in the overall YUFE alliance have the opportunity to take a stimulating new educational pathway through lectures, workshops and a range of extracurricular activities. For academic and professional services staff within the alliance’s 10 universities, it provides new opportunities for teaching and research and for sharing best practice.

The alliance’s European-wide remit also goes beyond academic study. It is committed to promoting more learning of European languages, encouraging volunteering and social engagement, introducing ‘work and learn’ initiatives for students, and encouraging the involvement of cities, citizens, policymakers and international institutions to become involved. YUFE is also committed to diversity and inclusivity and taking positive action that makes a difference.

More about YUFE

Young Universities for the Future of Europe (YUFE) is an alliance of 10 young universities and associate partners from the higher education, non-governmental and private sector. Together, the YUFE partners are establishing one of the first true European Universities.

The YUFE universities

YUFE alliance consists of 10 european universities:

Antwerp University (Belgium)
University of Essex (United K)ingdom
University of Bremen (Germany)
Carlos III de Madrid (Spain)
University of Eastern Finland (Finland)
Maastricht University (Netherlands)
Nicolaus Copernicus University (Poland)
Tor Vergata University of Rome (Italy)
University of Cyprus (Cyprus)
University of Rijeka (Croatia)

Non Academic Partners

YUFE also has non-academic partners involved with student projects, including:
European Entrepreneurs
ETS Global

Overseas: Call for International Mobility 2020-21


The call for international mobilty for study will allocate scholarships for students regularly enrolled at the
Tor Vergata University of Rome (be properly enrolled and up to date with University fees and local taxes).

Study Abroad

The goal of this grant is to allow students of Tor Vergata University of Rome to study at an extra-european host university (under an Agreement existing between the two Insitutions) to carry out didactic activities that must be consistent with their course of study.

Students must attend classes and do the final exams, they will obtain the title (Degree or Master Degree) only after their return and after the conclusion of the mobility period.

Apply online

Mobility can take place only in the second semester of 2020/21 and may change due to the current state of emergency due to COVID-19. Scholarships will not be paid in the event of “virtual” mobility.

Documents and Attachments

Below are the Call and the list of partner Universities for Overseas.

🛑 Deadline: July 10, 2020 (h.12)

Coronavirus Update 12: Overseas Suspended


Following the outbreak of the coronavirus, the Overseas Call for International Mobility for study for the A.Y. 2020/21 has been suspended and will open in June.

Mobility will be allowed only in the second semester and will follow the emergency status of the country where the host Institutions are.

All Students are kindly required to check the following link:
Overseas Office

We will send communication about the open of the call and the deadline.

About the grants

The goal of these grants is to allow students of Tor Vergata University of Rome to study at an extra-European host university (under an Agreement existing between the two Institutions) to carry out didactic activities that must be consistent with their course of study;

Students must attend classes and do the final exams, and will obtain the title (Degree or Master Degree) only after their return and after the conclusion of the mobility period.


For further information please contact the Overseas Office:

Phone +39 06 7259.3509

3 Scholarships for Management Consulting Summer School

3 Scholarships for Management Consulting Summer School

Tor Vergata University of Rome in collaboration with B.U.D.S. (Building Up Digital Strategists) is glad to announce that, also this year, students interested in applying to the 4th edition of the “Management Consulting in the Digital Age” summer school will have the chance to be granted 3 scholarships.

About the Summer School

The “Management Consulting in the Digital Age” Summer School provides master level students with an in-depth exposure to the way leading management consulting firms are developing digital transformation projects in order to be better prepared for a future career in management consulting.

Students will have the opportunity to present their CV
to leading consulting companies for internship opportunities.

Entirely taught in English, it will take place near Rome, at Villa Mondragone, Monteporzio Catone (FR) from June 28th to July 4th 2020.

Summer School Information

When: June 28th to July 4th 2020.
Where: Villa Mondragone – Frascati

Coronavirus Update 9: Erasmus+, Traineeship and Overseas programs suspended

Coronavirus Erasmus Traineeship Overseas

In compliance with the new ministerial and regional provisions aimed at limiting the spread of COVID-19 due to the exponential growth of the infections in all the countries of Europe and the consequent difficulties in moving between European countries and in particular to return to Italy, we recommend that you follow these instructions promptly.

Mobility suspended until April 3rd

All international incoming and outgoing mobility that should have started in these days are suspended until April 3rd. We invite students to contact the partner universities to reschedule the mobility and related activities by reviewing the teaching periods and content.

It will be possible to request the application of the “force majeure” to the  National Agency, (in terms that will be subsequently communicated) , and reimbursement of expenses for all those mobility that are cancelled due to the emergency situation and to the measures of the competent authorities.

Students of Tor Vergata University of Rome who are at partner institutions abroad as part of student mobility programs are invited to scrupulously follow the provisions on prevention and safety prescribed by the institutions by monitoring the health situation of the Host Country through the appropriate country sheet on the “Viaggiare Sicuri” website of the Farnesina (

Follow Restrictive Measures

Should there be an exponential growth of the infections or in any case a situation of difficulty of the local health structures, students are invited to return to Italy with any possible urgency at their residence, home or domicile.

Students are also invited to take into account the possible restrictive measures in terms of mobility established by the DPCM of 8 and 9 and 11 March 2020 ( and to carefully follow the indications prescribed by the same DPCM, (in particular for subjects with symptoms of respiratory infection and fever greater than 37.5 ° stay at home, limit social contacts and contact your doctor and absolute ban on leaving your home for those subjected to the quarantine measure or positive for the virus).

Students in Foreign Countries

In all cases, we ask students who are in a foreign country to promptly report their presence to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, by registering on the site “Where we are in the world” ( to be able to benefit from the assistance of our Diplomatic Representations abroad (embassies, consulates etc.) in the event of difficulties in returning to Italy.

We remind you that the “force majeure” reasons will be applied to reimbursement of the costs incurred and that the Italian embassies and consulates will be able to offer you all the necessary support.

Support Contacts

The erasmus office will be able to help you in providing all the necessary assistance:


All  communications with which you inform us of the return date must also be sent to the aforementioned email address, attaching, where possible, the travel documentation. Regarding the certification of stay, we remind you that you must inform the Erasmus office of the Partner Institution of your return home via email.

Foreign Students in Rome

Once this emergency will be over, we will check the situation of each of you with the host foreign offices and we will issue the permanence certificates and transcripts of records concerning your stays.

We invite foreign students enrolled at our university and Erasmus students who are in Rome to continue their teaching activities by following the online courses and/or offered in streaming which will be guaranteed until the end of the emergency.

Keep up to date

It is recommended that all students carefully and periodically follow the updates on Tor Vergata University of Rome’ websites:

We are aware of the sacrifices required but they are necessary to protect everyone’s health, which remains the priority in emergency and serious situations such as the one we are experiencing.

Translated from the Italian Website (021)

Tor Vergata Students Welcome 2020 Winter Edition

Tor Vergata Students Welcome 2020 Winter Edition

Tor Vergata University of Rome’s Welcome Office is happy to welcome all newly enrolled international students on February the 14th and the 5th of March 2020

From 10.00 to 12.00, at Tor Vergata School of Law (Building B, Floor 0) we will offer information regarding activities and organizations available at the campus or in the city of Rome, as following:

  • General information about services and opportunities
  • Erasmus+ programme,
  • Overseas programme,
  • CLA (Tor Vergata Linguistic Centre)
  • CLICI (Center for Italian Language and Culture)
  • CUS (University Sports Center)
  • Agevola (Facilities for Tor Vergata community)
  • Tor Vergata Botanic Garden
  • Campus X (for accommodation information)
  • Public Transport in Rome and in Italy
  • Stay Permit: Support for non-EU students
🔎 Event Info

When: February 14th and March 5th
Time: 10.00 – 12:00
Where: Rectorate – Building B, Floor 0 (Via Cracovia 50, 00133 Roma)

CLICI Free Italian Language Courses: Spring Schedule

CLICI Free Italian Language Courses:  Spring Schedule

CLICI organizes Extensive Courses in Italian Language and Culture for Tor Vergata University’s foreign students. The Courses (60 hours each) will be run from mid-March to the end of May 2020 (2nd-semester courses).

Lessons will be held twice a week, from 5 pm to 8 pm. Courses are free for Tor Vergata University’s students.

Students, who attend 70% of the course, will be given a certificate of attendance and will be admitted to the final test.

Students, who pass the final test, will receive a final grade certificate.

How to Register

In order to register for the courses, students are required to follow the procedure explained on The registration deadline is 6th February 2020.

Students who are absolute beginners in Italian language are requested to register on CLICI’s platform without taking the placement test.

Students who are not beginners are requested to register on CLICI’s platform and to take the placement test on one of the following dates:

– January 21st, 27th, 30th 2020
– February 4th, 10th, 13th 2020

It is possible to register up to 7 days before the chosen exam date and subject to availability (max. 24 seats) for each session.

Students who attended an Italian language course of the CLICI in the period October-December 2019 and passed the final exam are required to follow the same enrollment procedure of non-beginner students and, at the end, they have to select the option “I passed the CLICI’s final test on 18 or 19 December 2019/Ho superato il test finale CLICI il 18 o il 19 dicembre 2019”.

If, on the other hand, they want to take the placement test anyway, they have to follow the same procedure and, at the end, select a date for the test.

Students who have attended a CLICI Italian language course in the period October-December 2019 but who did not take or pass the final exam, can enroll in the second-semester courses by following the procedure indicated for non-beginner students.

Placement Tests

The placement tests are held at Scuola IaD – Macroarea di Scienze MM.FF.NN. – Via del Fontanile di Carcaricola snc


CLICI contacts

Clici Office: Campus X, Via di Passolombardo 341, 00133 Roma
Tel. +39 06 725991027 – +39 06 725991030

Primer Seminario Preparatorio de la IV Cumbre Academica America Latina y el Caribe-Union Europea

Primer Seminario Preparatorio de la IV Cumbre Academica America Latina y el Caribe-Union Europea

17 y 18 de octubre de de 2019

Universidad de Roma “Tor Vergata”

en colaboración con el
Foro Academico Permanente (ALC-UE) y
Master de II° nivel en: ‘Derecho Romano y Sistema Jurídico Contemporaneo’ presenta el

Primer Seminario Preparatorio de la IV Cumbre Academica America Latina y el Caribe-Union Europea”

Construccion del esacio comun de educacion superior, ciencia, tecnologia e innovacion para la asociacion estrategica birregional de America Latina y el Caribe y la Union Europea.

Informacion importante para lo partecipantes

Desarrolo del seminario. Ponencias, debates y talleres.


1. Reunir a la comunidad académica de ambas regiones para dar continuidad al diálogo, debates, acuerdos y propuestas de las tres Cumbres Académicas anteriores (Santiago de Chile 2013, Bruselas 2015 y Córdoba, Argentina 2018) en la perspectiva de establecer un Espacio Común ALC-UE de Educación Superior, Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación, como el Pilar Académico de la Asociación Estratégica ALC-UE.

2. Reiterar el compromiso de la comunidad universitaria birregional para poner en marcha un proceso de integración académica de las dos regiones, sobre la base del “Compromiso de Córdoba” adoptado en la III Cumbre Académica de Córdoba, Argentina, de abril de 2018.

3. En esta perspectiva, se espera que los participantes en este seminario, junto con compartir ideas y propuestas, contribuyan con sus aportes a la elaboración de una propuesta de un Espacio Común ALC-UE de Educación Superior, Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación, para ser presentada a los Jefes de Estado y de Gobierno, Ministros de Relaciones Exteriores y Ministros de Educación de ambas regiones, en la próxima Cumbre CELAC-UE.

A estos efectos, el Seminario se ha organizado en torno a las siguientes actividades principales:
• Conferencias Introductorias;
• Paneles;
• Talleres Temáticos;
• Plenarios.

I. Conferencias Introductorias

Las conferencias introductorias tienen por objetivo generar un marco global vinculado al mundo académico y a las relaciones entre las dos regiones. Son presentadas por personalidades europeas y latinoamericanas, y serán expuestas de manera presencial o bien, cuando haya sido imposible su participación en la reunión, mediante video conferencias.

II. Paneles

Se han organizado dos paneles con el fin de analizar aspectos centrales en la constitución del Espacio Común:

• PANEL 1: “Sistemas de Educación Superior de Europa y América latina y el Caribe: posibilidades de armonización y convergencia para un Espacio Común”
• PANEL 2: “Pasos Concretos para construir el Espacio Común ALC-UE de Educación Superior, Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación”

Estos Paneles tendrán un Presidente-Moderador y tres expertos panelistas cada uno. Los nombres serán proporcionados en la versión definitiva del Programa.

III. Talleres Temáticos

Los talleres corresponden a los Grupos de Trabajo, en los que se inscribirán previamente los participantes, para asistir e intervenir en un diálogo abierto y presentar sus ideas y propuestas, que serán recogidas por un relator.
Los Talleres se desarrollarán en torno a seis ejes temáticos:
• Educación Superior;
• Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación;
• Vinculaciones de la Academia con la Sociedad, en particular, con el Sector de la Producción;
• las Relaciones de la Academia con las Políticas Públicas;
• Formación Técnico Profesional; y,
• Políticas de Género e Integración de las Mujeres en el Medio Académico.

Estos ejes constituyen los ámbitos temáticos que deberían formar parte del Espacio Común.

Los Talleres tendrán un Coordinador, para moderar las presentaciones, promover el diálogo entre los asistentes, y presentar las conclusiones en la sesión plenaria final. Un Relator reunirá todas las exposiciones que se realicen por escrito. Estos documentos se entregarán al Comité Organizador, para la elaboración del Libro-Memoria de la III Cumbre Académica.

IV. Plenarias

Todos los inscritos participarán también en las Sesiones Plenarias señaladas en el Programa, en la Sesión de Apertura y de Clausura.
En las sesiones de Apertura y Clausura, intervendrán personalidades del mundo académico y autoridades especialmente invitadas.


El seminario es abierto, pueden participar todas las instituciones y miembros de la comunidad académica birregional, aunque no hayan asistido anteriormente a los seminarios preparatorios o a las tres Cumbres Académicas anteriores:
– La participación es gratuita, no hay costos de inscripción.
– Cada participante o institución asume el financiamiento de sus pasajes, estadía, traslados internos, y otros costos personales.
– El Comité Organizador cubrirá los costos locales: lugares de reunión, logística, desarrollo del programa, eventos complementarios y apoyo administrativo.

Como Partipiar

Las entidades y personas que deseen participar deben completar la Ficha de Inscripción que se adjunta, y enviarla ANTES DEL 30 DE SEPTIEMBRE a los correos que se indican en la misma.

La Universidad entregará un Certificado de Asistencia a quienes hayan participado
al menos en el 90% de las sesiones y en los Talleres Temáticos

Sede del Seminario

17 de Octubre de 2019
Auditorium Campus X Tor Vergata
Via di Passo Lombardo, 341, 00133 Roma

18 de Octubre de 2019
Facultad de Economia (II Pizo – Sala del Consiglio)
Via Columbia, 2, 00133 Roma

Hoteles Recomendados cerca de la Universidad
Campus X Tor Vergata
Hotel Laurence