VIU Spring 2020 Pre-registrations


Detailed information about VIU semester, pre-registration and registration procedures are available at Below is a resume of calendar and deadlines for Venice International University Spring 2020 Term.


Pre-registrations for the Spring 2020 term open on October 15.
Students should pre-register to VIU portal in order to receive the login and password necessary for registration to courses. The link to the pre-registration form will be published in the Globalization Program section of VIU website, in a white box at the side of the pages.

RED (Residency-Excellence-Diversity) Scholarships are awarded to promote excellence and academic and cultural diversity in the Globalization Program.

Applications will open on October 15 and the deadline for applying is November 30.

VIU Website:


Students have the possibility to request help in finding accommodation in Venice. There are two accommodation options:

1- VIU campus: dorms on San Servolo island
2- A place in apartments in the city

Before requesting for accommodation, students must carefully read the Student accommodation guidelines (link), containing procedure of request and useful details on accommodation options, prices and deadlines.
Deadline for application: November 30, 2019.

The accommodation form will be accessible from the students’ personal page after logging in the VIU website (login link in homepage).
Registrations for courses will be open from January 14 until February 19, 2020; places are limited and the admission procedure considers preference and date of registration.

Academic Calendar

Academic calendar for spring 2020 Term: from February 17 to May 29, 2020.

Orientation week: February 17-21
Opening Ceremony: February 20
Courses begin: February 24
Midterm break: April 13-17
Courses end: May 22
Exam week: May 25-29
Closing Ceremony: May 28
National holidays April 13, April 25, May 1

VIU Website:

Call for International Mobility for Study and Research

Call for International Mobility for Study and Research

The goal of this call is to allow the international mobility of the students of Tor Vergata University of Rome apart from the European programs, to study or to do research in European or extra-European countries.

The call will allocate two kinds of scholarships for students regulary enrolled at Tor Vergata University of Rome (be proberly enrolled and up to date with University fees and local taxes):

  1. Grants for Research:
    the goal of this grant is to support students (only for Master Degree and Doctoral studentes) wanting to work on their final thesis abroad, European or extra-European countries. The destination can be a University or a private institution (library, laboratory, centre of research, etc.).
  2. Grands to attend classes and to do exams in extra-European Universities (Overseas):
    The goal of this grant is to allow students of Tor Vergata University of Rome to study at an extra-European host University (under an Agreement existing between the two Institutions) to carry out didactic activities that must be consistent with their course of study; the students must attend classes and do the final exams, they will obtain the title (Degree or Master Degree) only after returning and after the conclusion of the mobility period.

Each student can apply for just one kind of grant. Students that obtained a grant for research or study in the past cannot apply again.

Attachments & Documentation

Below are the Call and the list of partner Universities for Overseas:

Apply Now

Before applying make sure you have downloaded and read the documents above.


Applications deadline is December 7, 2018 (h.12)

Scholarships for International Students

Scholarships for International Students

In order to promote and strengthen the internationalization process, Tor Vergata University of Rome has launched the selection for the award of 20 scholarships, paid in a lump sum (gross of tax law withholding taxes) for foreign students with a high school diploma obtained in a foreign country.

Call for Applications


Application is open exclusively to foreign students regularly enrolled in the academic year 2017/2018 (“in corso” students) in a degree, master’s degree or a single cycle degree at Tor Vergata University, according to the following requirements:

  • have a qualification for the access to the University issued by a a foreign higher education institution;
  • be enrolled within the regular duration of the study course;
  • have the ISEE (Equivalent Economic Situation Index) not exceeding € 30,000.00. For the assessment of the threshold will be considered the ISEE-University valid as well as resulting in the personal area of online student services and then successfully acquired within the computer database of the University of Rome Tor Vergata, presented for the calculation of university fees a.a.2017/2018.

Merit List

The merit list will be published on Italian website of Tor Vergata University of Rome under the appropriate guarantees to protect the privacy: Merit List link
The publication of the list will be an official communication of the results. Any other form of communication of the list is not provided. The publication of the list is scheduled on December 10, 2018.


General Affairs Students Office
phone: +39 06 7259 2530

International Students Office
phone: +39 06 7259 2566

Post-doctoral Fellowship in Epigenetics at University of California

Post-doctoral Fellowship in Epigenetics at University of California

Tor Vergata University of Rome and the Center for Epigenetics and Metabolism (CEM) at University of California, Irvine , have established a high-profile educational and research partnership that extends over several years.

The central feature of the partnership is to offer the opportunity to exceptional students to develop a post-doctoral research program at the CEM within the general field of epigenetics, with special attention to its relevance to nutrition, metabolism and neuroscience.

This prestigious award will allow researchers to benefit of the outstanding scientific environment of the University of California, Irvine, as well as the exceptional concentration of other academic institutions in Southern California.

Documents: Call and Application

The deadline has been extended to 30 September, 2018. Please download the documents below.