EDUSC – European Digital University Staff Competencies

Tor Vergata University of Rome is taking part in an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership, EDUSC -E uropean Digital University Staff Competencies, coordinated by CONFIA.

What is EDUSC?

The rapid digital transformation of our society keeps being a challenge for HEIs. It requires higher education staff with the necessary digital capabilities to cope with current and future technologies to stay competitive and to provide students with a high quality educational offer.

Fields like internationalisation and teaching and learning can leverage greatly from digital processes, software and methodologies, yet have not taken full advantage of the possibilities that other sectors like finance, consumer goods, energy and many others continue to utilise and innovate.

Education is the foundation of our society and higher education has an important role to play to find answers to current societal challenges. While the COVID-19 pandemic certainly has accelerated digitalisation, higher education institutions need to systematically apply educational and digital research in their everyday practices to fulfil their role in our European society.

The EU continues doing its part by providing ample opportunities for organisations to cooperate transnationally on topics connected to open education and digital transformation. Projects and initiatives like Erasmus without Paper, the European Student Card and the European Digital Credentials Initiative are just some examples of European collaboration for the benefit of education.

The project European Digital University Staff Competencies (EDUSC) aims to support and accelerate digitalisation in higher education. By training staff members in digital competencies while utilising modern and digital teaching methodology, staff members are encouraged to become digital internationalisation stewards and join a community of ambassadors for digital transformation that benefits the whole sector.

Through a range of project activities, EDUSC has the objective to lead by example and have higher education staff embrace digital transformation. The project team wants to create a community platform that provides an interactive digital toolkit of resources, information, good practices and user stories that the community can share, discuss and benefit from.

Additionally, the project will create Open Educational Resources for some of the most relevant topics in digital transformation in internationalisation of higher education.


• Develop a platform with Community-informed good practice and implementation toolkit for digital stewards
• Provide a benchmarking of Virtual Exchanges and policies
• Identify best practices for High quality teaching online and blended
• Evaluate Issues and opportunities for digital mobility management
• Identify policy recommendations on digital skill needs of higher education staff and the implementation of OER-based learning environments

Info & Contacts
Contacts: Alma Orazi
Tel. +39.06.72592062