YUFE Launches the YUFE Job Portal

yufe job portal

The members of YUFE Alliance share a commitment towards staff development, career progression and personal growth along their YUFE Staff Journey – with equality, diversity and inclusivity at the heart of everything we do. YUFE believes that staff members at all career levels are the key to the successful creation and development of the YUFE European University.

Guided by our this vision and by shared commitment, YUFE are launching the YUFE Job Portal as part of the YUFE Staff Portal on the YUFE Virtual Campus. By doing so, our Alliance aims to facilitate local and international job searches, and to substantially widen the recruitment area and talent pool across our and other European regions within a global context.

The job vacancy platform offers an opportunity to list job advertisements and funding opportunities in one place to universities, other education providers, research institutes, companies, public bodies and non-governmental organisations in the YUFE regions.

In the first stage of the launch, only job vacancies from the YUFE partner institutions will be published on the portal. In the long term, the portal will be gradually expanded to allow other stakeholders to post their job openings as well. Join a YUFE partner institution and create your own YUFE career journey.

Erasmus+ Traineeship: Call for Applications a.y. 2020-21

erasmus+ traineeship 2020 2021

Call for applications for the allocation of 40 grants for 4-month traineeships abroad addressed to students regularly enrolled in a study course at Tor Vergata University of Rome.

The Erasmus+ Traineeship Program allows students of Tor Vergata University to access training internships at companies, training and research centers in one of the countries participating in the Program, for carrying out full-time internships, recognized as an integral part of the student’s study plan (subject to approval of the degree course at the university to which they belong).

Deadline: The application form above will be available from 12,00 on 16/06/2021 to 12.00 on 05/07/2021.

Join Tor Vergata’s Buddy Programme

buddy programme

The Buddy programme foresees a support and a welcome from the enrolled students to the new students in collaboration with the Welcome Office.

The first months are the most challenging: students need to familiarize with a new academic context, non-resident students with a new city and international students also with a culture and traditions different from their own.

A warm welcome can make the difference

If you want to support a new student in overcoming the same difficulties you might have faced at your arrival, you can apply to become a buddy, who will be an important reference during the first adaption period.

What does a Buddy do

  • He/she contacts the students whom he/she is matched after their arrival
  • He/she participates in cultural events and activities addressed to buddies and new students
  • He/she helps new students become familiar with the campus and its facilities
  • He/she facilitates the understanding of the didactic organization: structure of the academic year, lectures, exams
  • He/she helps students get to know the city and its opportunities
  • He/she addresses the student to the competent offices for specific issues

Why to become a Buddy

  • You will get to know different cultures of the world without moving away from home
  • You will make new friends
  • You will improve your English language knowledge and be able to practice other foreign languages
  • You’ll develop skills and contacts which will turn out to be useful in the job market 

Who can apply to become a Buddy

Students regularly registered in the academic year 2020/2021 at  Tor Vergata University of Rome, who will continue their studies at the University of “Tor Vergata” for the a.y. 21/22.

The Buddy will support students enrolled at the first year in the a.y. 2021/2022

How to apply

It is possible to apply by filling out the following online form below (available in Italian and in English)

Duration of the programme

The programme has a duration of four months (based on the opening of enrollments and/or the beginning of the lessons).


The Welcome Office will support you in acquiring the necessary skills to exercise at best your role as a Buddy, will assist you throughout the period in which you will volunteer and will invite you to take part in meetings, games and events (online or in presence) in which you will strengthen your relationship with the new students.

Informative material will be sent by e-mail.
The Buddies will be matched with new students on the basis of the attendance to the same study programme and of personal interests, revealed through the form.

According to the number of applicants, the buddies will be matched with one or more students.

For new students: how to get in contact with a Buddy

If you are a new student and want to get in touch with a Buddy, write to welcome@uniroma2.it indicating your name, surname and your degree course. You will be inserted in the buddy chat of your School in order to receive all the updates.


Welcome Office
Tor Vergata University of Rome
E-mail: welcome@uniroma2.it

YUFE opening the Entrepreneurial and Innovation Activities

YUFE Entrepreneurial and Innovation Activities

YUFE is opening the Entrepreneurial and Innovation Activities with two initiatives aimed to students and staff: YUFE Challenge Teams and Entrepreneurial Training Activities what includes MOOCs and YUFE Talkshows. Students can get the YUFE Professional Star by joining this program. Improve your knowledge and skills in innovation and entrepreneurship!

Would you like to improve your knowledge and skills in innovation and entrepreneurship? YUFE is opening the Entrepreneurial and Innovation Activities with the aim of providing online access for training MOOCs YUFE Talk shows and live learning YUFE Challenge Teams.

Covid-19 Update: Exams and Graduation Summer Sessions


Dear students, regarding both the exams and graduations summer session, we hereby inform you about the following:


  • The graduations primarily will take place in presence by allowing a maximum of two accompanying persons for each student, in compliance with the regulations already in force at the University, available at the following link: Tor Vergata University portal – Guidelines and operational indications decree regarding the security measures in force on the Campus (Coronavirus Updates)
  • As already indicated in the “Plan of organization of the teachings and curricular activities – second semester 2020-21 d.p.c.m. 14/01/2021 available at the following link: Coronavirus Updates.

Students who intend to take the discussion of the thesis remotely will have to make a justified request stating they are unable to attend it in presence for proven reasons i.e because of the quarantine, or documented health reasons or for foreign students unable to return to Italy.


  • The exams session will mainly take place in presence. Although, within the same session, the possibility for those students who have made a request on the Delphi portal to take the exam remotely
    will be guaranteed. In this case, the University reserves the right to carry out random checks by asking the documentation to support the request of the exam online.
  • Students will have access to all the exams available within each
    exam session in order to maximize the possibility to cope with the
    difficulties arising from the health emergency.

News from the Italian Website

6th Global Procurement Conference

6th Global Procurement Conference

Tor Vergata University of Rome, with the School of Economics, is launching the 6th Global Procurement Conference that this year, due to the ongoing COVID emergency, will take place VIRTUALLY on July 7th, 8th and 9th.

The location is beautiful Villa Mondragone, a patrician villa in the suggestive territory of the Alban Hills in the area called, from its many castles and villas, Castelli Romani (about 20 km southeast of Rome) will wait for us next year.

About the GPC

The goal of the Global Procurement Conference is to raise awareness for the planetary implications of joint decisions regarding what is purchased, how and for whom in the public domain.

Tor Vergata University of Rome , with the support of European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, has the pleasure of organizing yearly an event where experts from International Financial Institutions and regulatory bodies, policy-makers, economists, engineers, lawyers, procurers gather for a much-needed debate concerning issues related to innovation, competitiveness, sustainability and regulation in public procurement worldwide.

Info and registration: globalprocurement.org

Online Learning Questionnaire

online learning questionnaire

Tor Vergata University of Rome created a questionnaire on the quality of online learning offered by our university, in response to the epidemiological emergency COVID-19.

If you are a student and would like to contribute to the improvement of the services offered by our university please fill out the questionnaire by May 31, 2021.

In order to participate you will need to authenticate with your Microsoft 365 credentials (the same used to log into Teams or the Office package) and answer the questions proposed (takes about 10 minutes!)

Covid-19 Update: Reopening Decree starting April 26


Following the national and regional provisions announced for the next few hours, the Regional Committee of the Universities of Lazio has resolved that starting from Monday 26th of April 2021 the following provisions will be applied:


Lessons (curricular and formative) will resume primarily in presence with the possibility to attend online. Access to the classrooms will be limited to no more than 50% of the maximum capacity of classes and regulated through reservations on the “Delphi” portal in compliance with the Mur Guidelines referred to in Annex 18 of the Prime Ministerial Decree of 14 January 2021.

Taking into account their own internal needs, the Faculties of Tor Vergata are required to plan in-presence teaching activities respecting the above required percentages.


Exams will be carried out primarily in presence, ensuring the distancing rules and the use of PPE. In any case, an online session will also be provided, in order to ensure all students who request it (if unable to carry them out in presence for proven reasons, quarantine, or for documented health reasons or for foreign students unable to return to Italy) the opportunity to take the exam.

Exams can be carried out exclusively in classrooms of those Faculties which can assure the required distance.

Graduation Sessions and Final Exams

Graduation sessions and final exams for the achievement of qualifiying titles can be held in presence in compliance with the M.U.R. (Ministry of University and Research) guidelines, allowing a maximum of two accompanying persons for each student. This method can be implemented as long as the distance and any other safety measures in relation to the number of undergraduates can be guaranteed: an assessment will be carried out by the Faculty Dean / Macro Area Coordinator.

The possibility of carrying out the final tests remotely is allowed to students who make a justified request as they are unable to take it in presence for proven reasons eg. if you are in quarantine, or for documented health reasons or for foreign students unable to return to Italy.


Access to the libraries will take place ensuring safety and physical spacing for a predetermined number of seats which must be made by reservation in the manner shown on the web page of each library; in the same way, a consultation service for paper documentation is available. Opening hours, contact details and any other useful information can be found on the relevant websites.

Internships, professional internships, laboratory activities, exercises

Internships, professional internships, laboratory activities, exercises, will take place primarily in presence in compliance with the aforementioned Mur guidelines and in compliance with the University safety and prevention protocols. The possibility of carrying out activities online is confirmed for students who make a justified request if they are unable to support it in presence for proven reasons (eg. in quarantine, or for documented health reasons or for foreign students unable to return to Italy).

PhD students

The training activities of the PhD students will take place in the presence; Also research and laboratory activities will be allowe in presence.

Laboratories, didactic laboratories and complex structures

University facilities, research laboratories and educational laboratories will remain open allowing access to teachers and researchers and students in compliance with the anti-covid regulations in place and the guidelines of the MUR referred to in Annex 18 of the Prime Ministerial Decree of 02/14/2021.

The Rector – Prof. Orazio Schillaci

Translated from the Italian Website

YERUN Research Mobility Awards call 2021 is online

Yerun research mobility awards

Are you a researcher from a YERUN institution willing to collaborate with another researcher from another YERUN university? Then, this opportunity is for you!

The YERUN Research Mobility Awards (YRMAs) are competitive awards for early career researchers (PhD students and post-docs) equivalent to Euraxess Research Profiles R1 (up to the point of PhD) and R2 (PhD holders, post-doc or equivalent who are not yet fully independent or until 8 years since completion of PhD) from YERUN Universities.

This year, the programme will support researchers to establish a new research collaboration in a virtual format. The programme provides a platform to:

  • work with other YERUN academics on a research project, publication, or new collaborative activity;
  • promote multidisciplinary research across the YERUN network;
  • enrich the research and training opportunities for PhD students, early career and postdoctoral scholars within the YERUN network.

A YERUN Research Mobility Award provides a flat-rate award to cover your expenses related to establishing a virtual collaboration (1,000 Euros) (please note that this amount may be subject to tax withholding). Examples of activities whose cost can be covered by the grant are:

  • Publication in an Open Access journal;
  • Organisation of a virtual conference;
  • Participation fees in a virtual conference;
  • Purchase of a digital tool/ software that can support the virtual collaboration;
  • Consumables equipment;
  • Shipping of samples and other lab material;
  • any other idea you might have!

The research collaboration has to be established and implemented during the year 2021. You will not have to provide any receipts and it is your responsibility to arrange the activities related to your collaboration.


  • You must be a Researchers R1 (up to the point of PhD) and R2 (PhD holders, post-doc or equivalent who are not yet fully independent or until 8 years since completion of PhD) from YERUN Universities https://www.yerun.eu/about-yerun/. Researchers from institutions that are not YERUN members are not eligible.
  • Researcher Mobility Awards will only be used for collaborations with YERUN institutions located in a country different from the one of your home institution.
  • You must agree to submit a report on the outcomes at the end of your collaboration and a follow-up report describing any subsequent research collaborations with YERUN partners no later than one year after the award. This information will be used for YERUN Communication and Evaluation activities.
  • All applications must be submitted with a letter of support signed by the hosting department. If no letter is provided with your application, your application will be rejected.
  • Researchers that have been previously awarded a YRMA are not eligible to re-apply.

If you are interested in applying, please read the 2021 Call and apply online (link below). You can check in this document the different sections of the application.

If you want to read successful stories from the previous editions, click here.

🛑 Deadline for applications: 12 May 2021 (EOB).

Important links:

Enroll in a 3D Mapping Audiovisual Art Workshop at YUFE’s Copernicus University

Enroll in a 3D Mapping Audiovisual Art Workshop at YUFE's Copernicus University

Do you dream of having your work of art presented at an international festival attended by 300 thousands visitors? Would you like to gain experience working in an international team of young artists? Apply for the “Per YUFE ad astra” workshop organized by Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń.

The workshop in Toruń (August 17th-20th, 2021) is open to any students from YUFE alliance interested in audiovisual art.
You will be a part of the international team, preparing an artistic work of a 3D mapping. Your art achievement work will be an element of the mapping presented during the international light festival Bella Skyway Festival in 2022 in Toruń.

The workshop is a chance to stimulate creative imagination and aesthetic sensitivity, express artistic personality, learn about various forms of artistic expression and performative activities – multimedia projection using 3D animation, including sound effects. It is also an opportunity to develop teamwork skills in an international environment and to integrate with the academic community of YUFE.

Title of the workshop is an analogy to the Latin maxim by Seneca ‘Per aspera ad astra‘ (Through hardships to the stars). The reference to the stars is also connected to Toruń, the city of Nicolaus Copernicus, and thus to the cosmos, which is an excellent inspiration for our own interpretation of the topic, both in terms of content and form.

How to Participate

Up to 20 participants would take part in the workshop; be prepared to work only in English. If needed, according to the epidemic situation, the meetings will be held in a virtual form. In order to take part in the workshop, please fill the application form by May 7th 2021. Include your motivation and a short description of your concept of the screenplay for the film ‘Per YUFE ad astra’.

Original interpretations of the topic will be appreciated, presenting YUFE in an interesting way, drawing attention to the diversity of this organization, whose premise is the cooperation of distant academic centers orbiting a common idea. With the topic ‘Per YUFE ad astra‘ the candidate should indicate the potential inherent in the organization.

Presenting a portfolio is not obligatory, but providing the jury with examples of one’s own artistic work (computer graphics, animation, film) will be a strong asset.

The applications will be assessed by a jury composed of representatives of the YUFE consortium and the Municipality of Toruń. The results will be communicated to the applicants by May 31st, and the final list of participants will be announced by June 17th.

Participation in the workshops is free of charge. The organizers will provide the materials and equipment needed to participate in the workshop, as well as accommodation and food during the workshop.