Erasmus Days 2021: Share your Erasmus+ experience and join the Instagram contest


#ErasmusDays celebration at Tor Vergata on October 14, 2021! A day of celebration of the Erasmus+ programme in Europe and beyond! An event focused on Digitalization and the future of higher education in Europe.

If you want to take part to this extraordinary event you can join it by partecipating to our Instagram Contest!

  1. Tell us what your Erasmus “sounds” like.
  2. Create an Instagram Reel (a video) with music, words, images or whatever helps describe your erasmus experience.
  3. Tag @unitorvergata
  4. Put the #erasmusdaysunitorvergata


For further info please feel free to write to the following emails:

YUFE Academy: lectures, workshops and activities on “Citizens wellbeing”


The YUFE Academy is a sequence of lectures, workshops and activities travelling along the YUFE campi on “Citizens wellbeing”, YUFE’s second focus area, which will give interested students, staff and citizens a “feel” of YUFE. It is a platform aimed at strengthening European identity, raising awareness about social issues, providing solutions to global and local challenges, and making a true impact on Citizens’ wellbeing.

All lectures and other activities together cultivate into a programme one could follow entirely or only some parts of. All these little building blocks together make the YUFE Academy, a beneficial gathering and learning experience for YUFE students, staff and citizens.

What to expect?

Lectures and other activities in English and other European languages, so that everyone can follow the activities in either their mother tongue or a second language – this multilingual approach makes YUFE Academy more inclusive and accessible to partner cities’ population;

YUFE D&I Lecture Series – a lecture series promoting and celebrating D&I education and engagement across the YUFE community and what D&I can look like in practice;

Entrepreneurial talk shows – workshops in which an entrepreneurial mindset are promoted through the experience and advice of an expert in a specific area of the European Entrepreneurship Competence Framework (EntreComp);

Series of lectures and activities focusing on the employees’ well-being;

Workshops, trainings, and spring/summer schools directed to universities’ (prospective) research staff and to professional service staff;

Lectures concerning various topics relevant to the community.

How to attend?

Follow the registration link to the event you would like to attend. The format for the YUFE Academy is blended: due to the COVID-19 pandemic most lectures, workshops and other activities will take place virtually. Some events will attempt to take place physically.

Covid-19 update: Tor Vergata launches vaccination service for students

tor vergata vaccine service

Dear all,

after the long period that has kept us away due to the Covid-19 pandemic and which has imposed general restrictive measures, lessons and work activities are finally resumed.

For this reason, in collaboration with the Policlinico Tor Vergata Hospital (PTV) and the “La Vela” vaccination center, Tor Vergata University of Rome has activated a service dedicated to all students (Italian and international), teachers and technical administrative staff who are yet to obtain their Covid-19 Green Pass certification and who wish to be vaccinated.

Following the publication of the decree law n. 111 of 6 August 2021, which introduced the obligation, starting from 1 September, to present a Green Pass to attend universities, Tor Vergata University wants to make a concrete contribution to the vaccination campaign and facilitate those who want to join it with this initiative.

Starting from today, every day including the weekend, from 17.30 to 19.30, it will be possible to get the Covid-19 vaccine at the centre “La Vela di Calatrava” in Tor Vergata, upon registration on the platform exclusively dedicated to our university community.

centro vaccinazione anti covid la vela tor vergata

How to get your vaccine

The vaccines available at the centre are: Pfizer, Moderna e Johnson&Johnson

The following requirements are needed to access the vaccination:


to access the vaccination centre you must make a reservation through the online procedure available at the link ( – Vaccine Reservation ) selecting the available date and time on the calendar.

Once registered, you can show up to the appointment at the centre “LA VELA”, located in via dell’Archiginnasio, 00133 Rome.

📌 What you need to take with you:

  • an identification document
  • health card (or a copy of the same)
  • download & fill out Required Documents:
    download all the required documents available in the section below, fill them out (in your preferred language) and take them with you following the procedures indicated.

Students who were vaccined outside Italy or EU

Regarding the students who received other vaccines and certificates differenr than those currently recognized by the Ministry of Health, it should be noted that on 27 August 2021, the MUR addressed a specific question to the Scientific Technical Committee aimed to acquiring further information about the recognition of the vaccines not accepted by the EMA or recognized by the EMA but made in a non-EU country.

The University has arranged the following procedure while waiting for the specific directives to be issued by the competent authorities:

  • Set an appointment with the Welcome Office by clicking on the following link:
  • Go to the appointment and submit the certificate of the vaccine or any other appropriate documentation

Subsequently, the student will be contacted to receive the provisional exemption certificate for the anti-SARS-CoV-2 vaccination, which will allow to obtain the certificate of exemption from the Green pass as required by the ministerial decree 35309 of 4 August 2021 (Certificate of exemption for the anti-COVID-19 vaccine).

Info & Contacts

For any further information please contact the following email addresses:

Translated from the Italian Website

Covid-19 update: Green pass and required documents for a.y. 2021/22


SUBJECT: Decree-law 6 August 2021, n. 111 – Measures to prevent SARS-CoV 2 infection in universities – Use of COVID-19 green certifications in universities.

With the decree-law of 6 August 2021, n. 111, the Italian Government has adopted new provisions in view of the start of the next academic year, in light of the new context of the epidemiological framework and the progress of the vaccination plan.

The decree-law establishes that, during the 2021/2022 academic year, teaching and curricular activities of the universities will be carried out primarily in the presence and that, starting from 1 September 2021 and until 31 December 2021, university staff (teachers, TABs and other staff however named) and university students must possess and are required to exhibit the COVID-19 green certification (so-called “Green-Pass“).

University staff who do not possess or exhibit this certification are considered unjustified absent, with the consequences provided for by decree-law.

The green certification of students will be randomly verified with methods established by the universities.

  • From 1 September 2021 and until 31 December 2021 all university staff and students must possess and are required to exhibit green certification COVID-19;
  • The obligation to possess the COVID-19 green certification does not apply to subjects exempted from the vaccination campaign on the basis of suitable medical certification issued according to the criteria defined in the circular of the Ministry of Health (Annex 1)
  • For university students, the tests will be carried out on a sample basis in the manner identified by the university.

The following mandatory minimum safety measures are confirmed:

– it is mandatory to use respiratory protection devices (es. surgical masks etc);
– it is recommended to respect an interpersonal safety distance of at least 1 meter;
– it is forbidden to enter or remain in the university premises for people with symptoms
respiratory or body temperature above 37.5 °.

Translated from the Italian Website

Covid-19 update: September 2021 Teaching Activities Organizational Plan

covid-19 september 2021

In compliance with the ministerial order (18 June 2021) collocating all the italian regions in the “white zone”, the following plan regulating teaching and curricular activities from 1 September 2021 may be adjusted on the basis of the national health situation.

Lessons in Presence

The teaching activities will be carried out primarily in presence, up to the maximum number of seats available in each classroom, already identified in compliance with safety protocols aimed at the protection of the health of all members of the university community.

Protocols available at *

The control of the accesses will be guaranteed through a compulsory reservation on the Delphi online platform, restricting the access to the available seats for each classroom.

The reservation of the on-site lessons through the Delphi system will be accepted starting 4 days prior to the date of the lesson in which one intends to participate until the day before or, in any case, until there are no more seats available. The online reservation also implies that the student must sign a self-certification on the state of health and compliance with the rules imposed by university safety protocols.

The possibility of participating online will be guaranteed to all students through a live streaming of the lectures.

Furthermore, teachers are required to carry out the lessons face-to-face. Also, the name of the teacher actually present in the classroom on the reference day must always be shown.


Exams will be conducted in presence. However, there will also be an online exam call, in order to ensure that all students have the opportunity to take exams (should they be unable to take exams in person on campus due to proven reasons such illness resulting from Covid, or if they can provide medical certification that they are in quarantine, or for foreign students who are prevented from returning to Italy).

The checks on the truthfulness of the declarations will be carried out exclusively by the central administration. Certifications/documentations cannot be requested by Professors. It should be noted that no exam can be carried out in the teachers’ office, but only and exclusively in the classrooms of the Faculty/Macroarea already set up with the defined spacing. Students will be able to access all the exam calls within each exam session.

In compliance with the art. 1 paragraph 10 letter v) of the D.P.C.M. January 14th, 2021, to the safeguard of students who are unable to participate at the ‘didactic or curricular activities’, these activities can be carried out, where possible, remotely, also having regard to the specific needs of students with disabilities and students with specific learning disabilities;

where deemed necessary, and in any case by identifying the relative methods, the recovery of educational activities, as well as curricular activities, or any other test or verification, even intermediate, which are functional to the completion of the educational path will be ensured;

the absences of the students are not counted for the purposes of the possible admission to final exams as well as for the purposes of the relative evaluations.

For mainly remote courses, it will be possible to maintain the exams online through the Teams platform and the procedures already active at the University.

Graduation Sessions

The graduation session will be conducted in presence, allowing up to a maximum of four accompanying persons for each student.  This method can be implemented as long as the distance and any other safety measures related to the number of undergraduates are guaranteed.

Students may present the thesis dissertation remotely in the case of a justified request – for example if they are currently unable to be on-site for proven reasons such as illness resulting from Covid or if they can provide medical certification that they are in quarantine, or for foreign students who are prevented from returning to Italy.

The checks on the truthfulness of the declarations will be carried out exclusively by the central administration. Certifications/documentations cannot therefore be requested by Professors.

International Students

1. Enrollment for International Students with a STUDY VISA
Due to the persistence of the COVID-19 emergency situation, the physical mobility of international students arriving in Italy may be slowed down, or there may be delays in obtaining a study visa.

In order to ensure regular enrollment procedures, international students will be required to pre-enroll in the 2021/22 academic year in order to access and attend the online lessons. The enrollment will be formalized only after checking the truthfulness of the original documentation presented at the University and a valid Italian residence permit.

2. Submission of the Graduation Request for International Students Currently Abroad
International students must have a valid Italian residence permit in order to be able to complete the graduation request through the Delphi online platform. International students who are currently abroad and whose residence permit has expired will be allowed to complete the graduation request even in the absence a valid residence permit in the event that they are unable to apply for renewal due to the continuing pandemic emergency.

Safety Regulations

In accordance with the principle of individual and collective safety, the presence in the University areas can only be allowed according to the following rules that students are required to respect under their personal responsibility:

1. wash your hands frequently with soap and water or use the special dispensers of sanitizing solutions;

2. if you have symptoms of fever (over 37.5 °), cough, breathing difficulties or other symptoms such as myalgias, ageusia (lack of taste) and anosmia (loss of smell), you must stay at your home and contact your own doctor immediately or, in case of severe symptoms, the emergency number 118;

3. keep the distance of at least 1 meter from the person next to you and avoid crowding situations;

4. in the classrooms, occupy only the seats allowed, marked by appropriate signs, in order to maintain an interpersonal distance of at least 1 meter;

5. wear a mask and proceed with frequent ventilation when you are in the university common areas (classrooms, laboratories, etc.);

6. avoid shaking hands and hugs and touching eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands;

7. respect the information signs (entry and exit routes and those provided for indoor movements), in order to implement the most effective measures to prevent gatherings;

8. sneeze and cough by covering the nose and mouth with the crook of the elbow or with disposable facial tissues.

Anyone who becomes aware of any positive cases of COVID-19 among those who have had access to the University is required to immediately inform the Covid 19 University Coordinator.


Access to the libraries will take place ensuring safety and physical spacing for a predetermined number of seats which must be made by reservation in the manner shown on the web page of each library; in the same way, a consultation service for paper documentation is available.

Opening hours, contact details and any other useful information can be found on the relevant websites. At each library there are sanitizing devices to allow students to access with their own material after disinfecting it.

Laboratories and Complex Structures

The laboratory managers regulate, through shifts, access to shared laboratories to the various division and allocation of spaces, in agreement with the Director of the Department, in compliance with the indications provided in the Protocols and any specific directives issued by the University.

In order to ensure the physical spacing required by regulations, alternative methods must be provided for sample delivery or collection of results, mainly not in person (e.g. results sent by email, sharing of data folders, workstations outside the laboratories to deposit samples).

A maximum number of people including the technician who can be present in the laboratory at the same time must be established, in relation to the free surface of the room, the need for movement typical of laboratory work and the instruments present.

For situations where there are fixed workstations (e.g., fume hoods, weighing rooms, etc.) that do not allow to respect the distances, it is necessary to provide for alternate workstation occupancy or shifts. The maximum number of people who can access at the same time must be indicated on the laboratory door. For further details, please refer to the University Guidelines, available at *

Internships, Laboratory Activities, Exercises

Internships, laboratory activities, exercises, will take place in presence with the University safety and prevention protocols.

PhD Students

The training activities of the PhD students will take place in the presence; also research and laboratory activities will be allow in presence.

* NOTE: At the same link it is also available both the “Protocol of the management of the confirmed and suspected cases of Covid-19 inside the university classrooms” issued by the Minister of University and Research, and the map of the entry and exit routes and indication of the temperature control (Thermo-scanner), as well as support services for students, in each Faculty / Macroarea.

N.B. This article is translated from the Italian website.

Overseas: Call for International Mobility 2021-22

Overseas 2021-22

Tor Vergata University of Rome will allocate 35 grants for students wanting to undertake extra-European mobility for study. Application should be submitted and validated exclusively online, by filling out the application form available below.

The goal of these grants is to allow students of Tor Vergata University to study at an extra-European host university (under an Agreement existing between the two Institutions) to carry out didactic activities that must be consistent with their course of study; the students must attend classes and do the final exams, they will obtain the title (Degree or Master Degree) only after their return and after the conclusion of the mobility period.

Deadline: Expired (July 16, 2021 12,00 – Midday, Roma GMT).

Temporary Rankings

Below is the list of the 35 students selected for the 2021-22 overseas grant.

UTV Students Welcome 2021 starting this August

utv students welcome 2021

If you are a new international student, Tor Vergata University’s Welcome Office is here to help you. Like every year the traditional UTV Students Welcome weeks are dedicated to welcoming all of our newly enrolled students and to helping them sort out all the typical problems and difficulties encountered by students when they join a new university in a new country.

This years’ edition of the UTV Students Welcome will be held online and in presence. Below you will find the full list of events, activities and the calendar. For further information don’t hesitate to contact the Welcome Office and remember to follow our social media pages for up-to-date information on all the latest events on campus.

buddy programme

Buddy Programme
Have you heard of our Buddy programme? Read about it here. If you are a new student and want to get in touch with a Buddy, write to indicating your name, surname and your degree course. You will be inserted in the buddy chat of your School in order to receive all the updates. The service will be available from September 2021

Students Welcome 2021: book an appointment with the Welcome Office

Each year the Welcome Office will organize in presence or online meetings dedicated to welcome and orientation activities for all the new students enrolled at Tor Vergata University. International students already in Italy will be supported and tutored in filling the Stay Permit, Health Insurance, etc.

Please book an appointment here: (click on English version – Welcome Office).

Click on the calendar to see the time for each meeting and choose if you prefer online or in presence meeting. Please be aware that each meeting will last 20 minutes.

For online appointments you will receive a Ms Teams link the same date.

For face-to-face appointments, the address is Via Cracovia 50 (Rectorate / Welcome Office).

For any doubts write to:


meet the students

📅 7 September 15.00 – Online
Meet our Students – Abdul Wahab
Tor Vergata Students Welcome presents: Meet our Students.
Abdul Wahab Khan a student of MECHATRONICS ENGINEERING at UTV will tell us about his experience in Rome.

Join Meeting

erasmus and overseas students welcome

📅 8 September 12.00 – 13.00 – Online
Erasmus+ & Overseas Students Welcome
An online event dedicated to all incoming Erasmus+ and Overseas students who need information and tips on how to enjoy their time here in Rome at UTV.

Join Meeting

CLICI – Italian language courses from October to December 2021

Clici Italian Language Courses 2021

The CLICI – Centre for Italian language and culture of Tor Vergata University of Rome  organizes extensive Italian language courses (60 hours) for foreigners from 15th October to 22nd December 2021.

In the first semester of the academic year 2021-2022 CLICI is going to provide on-site courses only for some classes of absolute beginners. The classes for all the other levels and a certain number of classes of absolute beginners are going to be run online and remotely.

Classes Schedule

The on-site courses (60 hours) consist of 3-hour lessons to be held twice a week in the afternoon. The online courses include 40 hours in synchronous mode (20 lessons of two hours each, held twice a week on the Zoom platform) + 20 hours in asynchronous mode for a total of 60 hours.

The courses are free for all foreign students enrolled at the University of Rome Tor Vergata. All information on the enrolment procedure is available at Registration opening: 15th July 2021.

⛔️ Registration deadline: 10th September 2021.

How to Enroll

Students who are absolute beginners in Italian language are requested to register on CLICI’s platform without taking the placement test.

Students who are not beginners are requested to register on CLICI’s platform and to take an online interview for the speaking skills assessment on one of the following dates: September 3rd, 7th, 8th, 15th, 17th, 22nd, 24th, 2021

It is possible to register up to a week before the chosen date.

The online placement test has to be taken remotely starting from 30 August and in any case at least 2 days before the online interview.

Students who passed CLICI’s Italian language final exam on 14 or 15 June 2021 have to register on CLICI’s platform without taking the placement test and they will be included in a class of the following level.

CLICI contacts

Clici Office: Campus X, Via di Passolombardo 341, 00133 Roma
Tel. +39 06 725991027-30

Lazio DiSCo Scholarships Application English Guide 2021/22

Lazio Disco scholarship application guide

Also this year Tor Vergata University of Rome releases the updated Lazio DiSCo scholarship English guide.

In order to help international students applying to the Regione Lazio scholarship also known as Lazio DiSCo, since the website and the portal is almost entirely in Italian, every year our staff creates a simple translation of the applications portal in order to guide you and help you through your application.

The guide is not an official product of Regione Lazio or Lazio DiSCo, it is simply an assistance for students enrolling at Tor Vergata University who do not speak Italian and would like to apply to obtain the scholarship.