Business Analyst Cup at UTV School of Economics

Business Analyst Cup at UTV School of Economics

The first edition of the Business Analyst Cup, in partnership with Randstad and PWC, was a two-day event taking place at Tor Vergata University’s School of Economics the past March 20 and 27.

Randstad (one of the most important employment agencies) and the Bachelor course in Business Administration & Economics organised the event in order to support students int testing their skills and to enhance their chances of finding a job position within the next months. The Business Analyst Cup was also an oppotunity to strenghten the relationship between companies and universities.

Developing Hard & Soft Skills

The Randstad Business Analyst Cup was addressed to all the third-year students of the bachelor in Business Administration & Economics:

The focus of Cup was to develop both hard and soft skills with a business game created by Prof. Sandro Brunelli and the Deals-Transaction Services team of PWC.

On the first day, March 20, all the students carried out individual tests on five different areas (Excel, Soft Skills, Economy, General Culture and Logic-Mathematic). On the second one, March 27, the top 50 were divided into ten different groups of financial analysts, with the final goal of selling/buying the total firm or a quote of that.

Negotiation + Presentation = Success

The revolutionary idea was to face in challenge teams with different commitments and expectations; for example, one vendor agency with the goal to sell the 30% of the firm was required to negotiate with a private equity agency, with the goal to buy 100% of the firm. A way tou learn how to negotiate.

The winning teams were rewarded by the jury, composed by reprentatives of Randstad, PWC, Banca ICCREA, Sara Assicurazioni and Prof. Brunelli, for the presentations and negotiations skills and will partecipate in Randstad event, an chance to meet several firms and organizations.