Coronavirus Update 3: Online Classes Setup

Coronavirus Update 3: Online Classes Setup

As a necessary measure of containment and management of the Covid-19’s epidemiological emergency Tor Vergata University of Rome is developing all the useful operational tools in order to allow lessons to be held remotely starting next week.

The software chosen by Tor Vergata University to allow student to follow lessons online is Microsoft Teams.

The enrollment procedures necessary to take part in the online lessons will be communicated soon via email / social media / website.

Activate Office 365

In the meantime it is already possible to carry out some operations which may save you some time later on:

Activate your Office 365 account (necessary only if you have not already done so).

If you have lost your password, you can reset it by accessing Delphi (, selecting “activation of other services -> Microsoft Office365 activation -> First Activation / Reset Password”

Install Teams

Download and install the teams app on your devices (desktop, ios and android app or via the web) from the site:

If your device is not in the supported list it is possible to access teams via web app: in this case we recommend installing the Google Chrome browser.

Microsoft Teams Tutorials:
Get started with Microsoft Teams

Download Teams apps:

Support Contact

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