Coronavirus Update 6: Information Desks Closed

Coronavirus Update 6: Information Desks Closed

::UPDATED 12/03/2020::

As from 10/03/2020 date of this decree and until further notice, all public information desks in the University will operate exclusively by telephone and email.

In case of necessity and or urgency it will be possible to access information desks in person only by appointment.

Sending Documents

For all procedures that require documentation exchange proceed as follows:

1) Documents to be presented at the office / information desk must be signed and subsequently scanned (or photographed) and transformed into PDF or image format;

2) An email must be sent to the secretariat of affiliation specifying the name, surname, matriculation, degree course and reason for the request in the email text. In addition to attaching the documents, a copy of a student identification document must also be attached to the email. It is recommended to use the email address declared at the time of enrollment in the University;

3) The original of the documentation sent by email must be kept and submitted at the request of the secretariat.

We remind you that all deadlines and procedures must be respected.

University Contacts

All information, email addresses, telephone numbers can be found by consulting your macroarea / faculty or course website. You may also find some contacts on this website here

For urgent or extremely important cases – only by appointment agreed by email or telephone – it will be possible to physically access offices and information desks.

We reiterate all our willingness to streamline and make the procedures easier to help everyone in this moment of serious difficulty and self-responsibility.

Skype / Email Contacts

The University Orientation Office and the Welcome Office have activated two Skype accounts, through which it is possible to carry out an individual interview or a video call. To access the service you need to book by email.

Orientation Office

Skype: unitorvergata orientamento

Welcome Office

Skype: unitorvergata welcome

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