Tor Vergata Researcher Granted 2 mln Euro by the ERC

Tor Vergata Researcher Granted 2 mln Euro by the ERC

As part of the Horizon 2020 programme every year the European Research Council rewards the best researcher in over 40 European countries with a budget of over € 570 million:  this year the prestigious assignment was granted to Tor Vergata University’s reasearcher Francesco Ricci who submitted his project “PRO-TOOLKITS” together with over 2300 admitted to the evaluation phase.

The Winning Project

Associate Professor at the Department of Chemical Sciences and Technologies of Tor Vergata, Francesco Ricci explains: “The project named ‘Programmable nucleic acid toolkits for cell-free diagnostics and genetically encoded biosensing – PRO-TOOLKITS’, – – aims to develop ‘cell-free’ diagnostic kits and ‘genetically-encoded’ biosensors. The estimated duration of the project is 5 years, with a total budget of 1.999,375 euros”.

Success Sequence

In the past years Professor Francesco Ricci had recevied other important awards such as the 2017 international “Heinrich Emanuel Merck Award” and the “Proof of Concept” 2016 of the European Research Council worth € 150 thousand thanks to the AB-SWITCH project which aims to optimize the commercial development of a system of diagnosis of HIV and other infectious diseases. The system is based on the use of “nanomachines” built with synthetic DNA and able to specifically recognize and bind a target antibody, providing an optical signal following the binding.