LICUS: Teach Italian Language and Culture to International Students

LICUS: Teach Italian Language and Culture to International Students

Tor Vergata University of Rome offers a new programme in “LICUS – Italian Language and Culture for International Students: Welcoming and Internationalisation”. The course aims at training Italian and International students and professionals to work both in Italy and abroad in the fields of education, welcoming, cultural promotion and internationalization, concerning the teaching of Italian language and culture to foreigners.

LICUS will also provide students with the interdisciplinary knowledge and soft and hard skills necessary to work in different social and educational contexts.

The Programme

The programme includes the following disciplinary fields:

  • Teaching Italian as a foreign/second language
    (Linguistics, Modern language teaching, History of Italian language, Theories and techniques for Italian language teaching).
  • Teaching Italian Culture and Literature
    (Literature, Drama, Cinema, Music).
  • Tools for the analysis of social and cultural contexts in which to work
    (Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, Intercultural Pedagogy).
  • Tools for analyzing the evolution of socio-economic and cultural
    processes (History, Geography, Law, Economics).
  • Educational methodologies and technologies.

The programme includes workshop activities that aim to combine the theory concerning the different disciplines with the techniques, strategies and practices of their application in the classroom and in specific contexts.

The Internship is pivotal for the students’ training since it provides the chance to experience the application in different contexts of the knowledge and skills acquired during the course.

Finally, the international orientation of the course is given by the opportunity, provided by students’ mobility programs, to achieve at least 12 ECTS abroad at universities which deliver courses in Italian language or in disciplines relating to Italian language teaching.

The online teaching method is an added value to the course, since e-learning is by its nature to be considered a strategy of
integration between different cultures, experiences, and educational histories.

Professional Opportunities

The course aims at training the following professional figures:

  • Expert / trainer of Italian language and culture to foreigners (SL) in national school and training contexts;
  • Expert / trainer of Italian language and culture abroad (FL) in international school and training contexts;
  • Expert / trainer in teaching, studying and managing the courses in Italian language and culture to foreigners in the Third Sector and in social contexts of reception and assistance to migrants.

Graduates will have acquired knowledge, skills and competence to be applied to the different socio-economic and cultural working contexts.
The related professional opportunities are:

  • Teacher of Italian as a Second language in educational structures for Minors (Unaccompanied Minors – MNA), for migrants’ reception (SPRAR and Third Sector), in higher education (Universities, AFAM) and adult education (CPIA) institutions;
  • Consultant for interventions in the field of social policies and services concerning the learning/teaching of the Italian language;
  • Consultant for the designing of training courses in teaching Italian as a foreign/second language in public and private contexts;
  • Responsible for the instructional designing and management of courses in Italian language for training and reception centers and educational institutions;
  • Education manager in the field of teaching Italian language and culture in the Third Sector.
  • Consultant for Institutions and Companies, public and private, for the promotion of Italian culture in Italy and abroad;
  • Consultant for organizers of cultural events for the promotion and enhancement of the Italian linguistic and cultural heritage;
  • Expert in planning in the field of Italian language and culture to foreigners (planning at institutional, regional and European level, public and private fundraising, etc.)
  • Education manager for the promotion, dissemination and enhancement of Italian culture in private companies.