Online Classes: a message from the Rector

Online Classes: a message from the Rector

To the university community,

The ongoing health emergency, in addition to generating mourning and suffering among the population, has changed, hopefully for a short time, our habits and behaviors.

The teaching activity has also undergone substantial changes.

The sudden necessity to provide online lessons, exams and graduation sessions is marking an extreme effect in our everyday working and studying routine, profoundly different from the one we were used to.

Tor Vergata University of Rome, like any other, is a place where circulation of knowledge and exchange of scientific and cultural information generates the widest aggregation phenomenon, even physical.

The need to rigorously implement all forms of social containment to spread the virus has made our structures sadder, but certainly safer.

In this regard, I feel the need to thank all of you, dear students, for the high sense of responsibility shown in scrupulously following the indications contained in the various decrees of the Prime Minister’s Office regarding the conduct to be adopted in this difficult moment.

Also I must thank all our dear teachers for the dutiful and responsible effort with which they have guaranteeing students the regular course of studies by carrying out the activities online and the technical structures of the university which, with professionalism and commitment, allowed, in such a short time, to ensure the performance of the aforementioned activities.

When this terrible experience ends, I am convinced that we will all be better in thoughts and behaviors and we will be able to resume our habits, perhaps by planning to celebrate the results obtained in this emergency period together with the students and their families, teachers and technical administrative and library staff.

Thank you all

Prof. Orazio Schillaci