Part-time Jobs at Tor Vergata University

Part-time Jobs at Tor Vergata University

Tor Vergata University of Rome will provide 606 part-time job positions open to all the students of the University for the A.Y. 2018/2019.

  • School of Economics (86 positions)
  • School of Law (73 positions)
  • School of Engineering (78 positions)
  • School of Humanities (90 positions)
  • School of Medicine and Surgery (115 positions)
  • School of Sciences(68 positions)
  • Library Openings on Saturday and Sunday (96 positions)

🛑 Deadline

Students interested in applying can submit the application from June 25th 2019 to July 10th 2019, based on the guidelines established by the calls in attachment.

đź—Ž Documents

Below are the pdf documents containing the full description of the part-time jobs.