Part-time Jobs at Tor Vergata University

Part-time Jobs at Tor Vergata University

Tor Vergata University of Rome will provide 606 part-time job positions open to all the students of the University for the A.Y. 2018/2019.

  • School of Economics (86 positions)
  • School of Law (73 positions)
  • School of Engineering (78 positions)
  • School of Humanities (90 positions)
  • School of Medicine and Surgery (115 positions)
  • School of Sciences(68 positions)
  • Library Openings on Saturday and Sunday (96 positions)

­čŤĹ Deadline

Students interested in applying can submit the application from June 25th 2019 to July 10th 2019, based on the guidelines established by the calls in attachment.

­čŚÄ Documents

Below are the pdf documents containing the full description of the part-time jobs.