Prix Italia Video Contest for University Students

Prix Italia Video Contest for University Students

Would you like to partecipate to an international competition for Radio, TV and Internet programs alongside the staff of RAI Italian National TV, the juries and international guests? YLab is your chance to enter the 71 edition of Prix Italia!

About Prix Italia

Prix Italia is an international competition, for quality programs, Radio, TV and Internet. Founded in 1948 in Capri, Prix Italia is one of the oldest and most prestigious media festivals in the world.

Through the years many notorius guests such as with Samuel Beckett, Salvador Dalì, Italo Calvino, Leonardo Bernstein, Umberto Eco, Ingmar Bergman, Wim Wenders partecipated.

248 programs from 48 member broadcasters competed during the 2018 edition, representing more than 30 countries. This years’ competition  takes place in Rome from 23 to 28 September with the theme “Celebrating Diversity“.

YLab – Young Laboratory

YLab – Young Laboratory is an educational platform involving students from all three public universities of Rome (La Sapienza, Tor Vergata and Roma Tre) in the context of this international event which will include workshops and conferences.

The objective of YLAB is to involve younger audiences by inviting them to participate actively to a confrontation and debate with the partecipating international experts.

The YLab also includes the possibility for students to participate in the Prix by collaborating in various forms during the days of the event.

Take part in the contest

The students of Tor Vergata – and the other Roman universities – are invited to produce a video of no more than 90 seconds in mp4 format: the video should describe the territory of Rome and Lazio.

There are no location, language or mode constraints. RAI expects the student’s point of view, his underlining, his story.

The videos will have the function of presenting Rome and the Romans to international broadcasters.

Entries must be made by 30th June 2019.

Selected videos will be sent to members of international broadcasters approaching the event to present the territory and then posted on the site.

A great chance for communicating students, video makers, creatives, new media, screenwriters and directors and actors!

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