Tor Vergata wins the Amazon Innovation Award 2018

Tor Vergata wins the Amazon Innovation Award 2018

The team representing Tor Vergata University of Rome won the Italian edition of the Amazon Innovation Award 2018, an award established by the American e-commerce giant to encourage university students to formulate innovative projects to improve the delivery of products purchased online.

The Amazon Innovation Award is a competition open to all universities in Italy that involves all students enrolled in master’s degree courses, whom, in groups of 5, are required to generate a solution to a problem that is posed by the company.  The winning team is offered the opportunity to visit Amazon’s headquarters and meet top managers in Seattle.

Miriam Di Mario and Claudia Costanzo showing their tickets to Seattle.

The Winning Project: XIVA

This years’ winning team is composed by four students of Tor Vergata University: three students of Management Engineering, Claudia Costanzo, Miriam di Mario, Giulia Di Prospero and a student of Economics, Michele Baldassarre who, under the supervision of prof. Max Schiraldi, worked on a project called “XIVA“, a refinement of the known “kiva” technology already in use in Amazon distribution centers.

The main innovation introduced by XIVA consists in extending the functions of these warehouse robots to understand loading and unloading operations, improving their interaction with people also from the point of view of safety.

Prof. Max Schiraldi with Tor Vergata’s team last year in Seattle.

2 years in a row

For the second consecutive year Tor Vergata University of Rome participates in the Amazon Innovation Award,  and once again our students will be visiting the Amazon headquarters in Seattle.

Professor. Massimiliano Schiraldi, who followed the groups of students who participated in the Amazon Innovation Award in 2017, explained how “last year was the first edition (the” pilot “project) which was only open to students of Management Engineering: it was a great success and our team travelled to Seattle, together with the winning teams from the Politecnico di Milano and Turin, completely expensed: the students were enthusiastic”.

Let’s hope next year won’t be different!