VIU Spring 2020 Pre-registrations

VIU Spring 2020 Pre-registrations

Detailed information about VIU semester, pre-registration and registration procedures are available at Below is a resume of calendar and deadlines for Venice International University Spring 2020 Term.


Pre-registrations for the Spring 2020 term open on October 15.
Students should pre-register to VIU portal in order to receive the login and password necessary for registration to courses. The link to the pre-registration form will be published in the Globalization Program section of VIU website, in a white box at the side of the pages.

RED (Residency-Excellence-Diversity) Scholarships are awarded to promote excellence and academic and cultural diversity in the Globalization Program.

Applications will open on October 15 and the deadline for applying is November 30.

VIU Website:


Students have the possibility to request help in finding accommodation in Venice. There are two accommodation options:

1- VIU campus: dorms on San Servolo island
2- A place in apartments in the city

Before requesting for accommodation, students must carefully read the Student accommodation guidelines (link), containing procedure of request and useful details on accommodation options, prices and deadlines.
Deadline for application: November 30, 2019.

The accommodation form will be accessible from the students’ personal page after logging in the VIU website (login link in homepage).
Registrations for courses will be open from January 14 until February 19, 2020; places are limited and the admission procedure considers preference and date of registration.

Academic Calendar

Academic calendar for spring 2020 Term: from February 17 to May 29, 2020.

Orientation week: February 17-21
Opening Ceremony: February 20
Courses begin: February 24
Midterm break: April 13-17
Courses end: May 22
Exam week: May 25-29
Closing Ceremony: May 28
National holidays April 13, April 25, May 1

VIU Website: