Office 365 for Students

Office 365 is a Microsoft application provided free of charge to all students of Tor Vergata University, who can use it both as an online platform and as a downloadable package on PC.

Using the login account, each user can install Office on 5 PCs or Macs, 5 tablets (Windows, iPad and Android) and 5 phones.

How to activate your Office 365 account

In order to use the services available to Tor Vergata University’s students, specifically Office 365, you must have already activated your personal email address provided by the University.

If you still havent activated your university email please click on the button below.

How to access Office365 services for students

To access the services made available to Tor Vergata students, after creating their account, simply connect from the Internet at the following link:

The Microsoft portal for Office 365 will appear, where, to access, simply enter the e-mail address you just created.

Automatically you will be directed to another login page, where you will have to repeat your e-mail address and password.

Once logged in, the Office 365 portal will ask you to set up your account.

It will be possible to use the Office 365 Apps online directly via the web, or by clicking on the “Install Office 2016” button (as shown in the figure) to install the version of the Office package on your PC