Online Classes Tutorial

Before you can join online virtual classes you must own a university email account, the email credentials, and have activated your free Office 365 account. Click on the buttons below if you need an email or Office 365, if not keep reading.

In order to enter online classes you need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Sign up to Online Classes
  2. Join the Online Classes

1. Sign Up to Online Classes (Classi Virtuali)

First you will need to enter you Delphi account select the classes you are interested in attending and sign up.

in the personal area with your University credentials.

From the initial menu Click on EXAMS – “Courses Attendance”

Click on “Course Enrollment

and enter your email.

Search (by course or by teacher).

Sign Up to the class you wish attend from the proposed list. If the chosen class is not visible yet, please contact your teacher for further information.

Confirm Sign Up.

2. Join the Online Class with Microsoft Teams

Before this step you must have already activated your Office 365 credentials.

ENTER your personal area with your University credentials.

From the initial menu Click on EXAMINATIONS > Courses Attendance.

Once in the “Courses Section” select “View or Cancel Enrollment”

In the  CLASSI VIRTUALI column you’ll see all active online classes. Click  on “Join Now” to enter the class: Microsoft Teams should automatically open.

You can also click on “Details” and copy the link (image below) in the browser.

Once you click the link will either open automatically Microsoft Teams.

…or it will ask you to assign a program to open that link

You can now access Microsoft Teams which with your Office 365 credentials.

Updates and Tutorials

Since there will be more updates and we will be uploading online guides and video tutorials for the online lessons please remember to periodically check out the following site:


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