Online Graduation Tutorial

This is a quick guide for those students who will graduate online. Before you start remember to:

– not to invite other people in the room during your online graduation.
– deactivate your microphone and camera while other candidates are being examinated.
– email a copy of your presentation (.pdf or .ppt formats) at least one day prior to your graduation exam session so that the Commission can read it in case of technical problems.

Download Microsoft Teams

The software necessary to participate in the online degree session is the Microsoft Teams platform. To participate in the session it is not necessary to have a specific account, however for a better user experience it is recommended to download and install the Desktop version of Microsoft Teams (Download here).

For a better use of the platform it is recommended to use a laptop or desktop computer, equipped with video camera and microphone. We also recommend using the Chrome or Edge browsers.

Session Convocation

The Commission will send both a personal and an institutional email with the announcement of the graduation session containing the necessary  information and with the references to contact if technical problems arise.

To participate in the session remotely, simply click on the link (Partecipa alla riunione di Microsoft Teams) you find in the convocation email.

N.B: None – other than the graduating student – is allowed to participate in the session.

Participate in the Session

The next screen will show two buttons: Download the Windows app (Scarica l’app di Windows) or Join on the Web (Partecipa sul Web). We recommend using this second option.

To access the meeting, simply enter your name and press on Join now.

The candidate is invited to:
• disable the microphone and the camera waiting to be called by the Commission,
• check the devices (by selecting the speaker, microphone and video camera before starting the session).

The candidate will remain “on hold” until the Commission authorizes the candidate to participate (pic below).

The candidate can use various features by clicking on the buttons of the bar:

• activate / deactivate the camera;
• activate / deactivate the microphone;
• show participants the screen of their computer (for example to show one
PowerPoint presentation);
• open the chat to write to the Commission or receive replies.

In particular, through the meeting chat it is possible to interact with the Commission without interfering with the graduation session.

We ask for the maximum collaboration from the candidate in following the instructions of the Commission in order to allow a correct development of the graduation session.

Identifying the Candidate

The President will invite the candidate to identify himself.  Candidates must therefore activate the video camera, and reactivate the audio showing their face and a valid identification document.

Valid ID‘s include identity card, passport, driving license, nautical license, pension booklet, license to run thermal plants, firearms license, identification cards as long as they are provided of photograph and stamp or other equivalent signature, issued by a state administration.

During the test, it is required that only the candidate examined, in addition to the Commission, keeps the video camera and the microphone active.

Share your presentation

If you want to run a PowerPoint presentation, you can use the Share (Condividi) function present in the button bar

Microsoft Teams allows the candidate to share the screen or a PowerPoint file present on their computer and which can be selected with the browse (Sfoglia) button.

Using the controls at the bottom left, you can move the presentation forward or backward or stop it.

Once the presentation is over, you can stop the presentation or share the screen with the appropriate Stop sharing button.

At the end of the discussion, the commission will meet in confidential form to establish the graduation mark, pausing the meeting with the candidates.

Subsequently, the commission will proceed to the proclamation by reopening the meeting with the candidates.


Office 365 e Teams: