Tor Vergata enters Nature Index Top 100 young universities

Tor Vergata enters Nature Index Top 100 young universities

The Nature Index is a database of author affiliation information collated from research articles published in an independently selected group of 82 high-quality science journals. The database is compiled by Nature Research. The Nature Index provides a close to real-time proxy of high-quality research output and collaboration at the institutional, national and regional level.

The Nature Index is updated monthly, and a 12-month rolling window of data is openly available at The Nature Index also releases annual tables of country- and institution-level calendar-year output back to 2015, as well as an archive of the annual tables released in previous years.

The Nature Index provides a perspective on high-quality research on the basis of published articles. It is intended to be one of a number of metrics to assess research excellence and institutional performance. It is not intended to be definitive, and our expectation is that it will be used in concert with other measures and tools.

World Leading Young Universities

The October supplement of Nature Index highlights the world’s leading young universities (aged 50 and under) in the natural sciences in the Nature Index, and explores the research and the strategies behind their success:

It takes time to build research institutions of quality and substance, but getting the right components together at the outset enhances the chances of success. The most successful among the Nature Index Young universities, defined as being aged 50 years or younger, are making remarkable headway in attracting talent and rising up the ranks through high-quality research outputs and collaborations.”

“Tor Vergata” entered the list of Top 100 world’s leading young universities in 59th place, third among the four Italian universities on the list: International School of Advanced Advanced Studies (Sissa) of Trieste, founded in 1978 and 33. place in the world rankings ; Bicocca di Milano, founded in 1998 and in 34th place; Roma Tre University, founded in 1992 and in 99th place.