30 post-doc scholarships at YUFE’s Carlos III University of Madrid

30 post-doc scholarships at YUFE's Carlos III

The Universidad Carlos III de Madrid seeks young and talented research and teaching staff. Thus the UC3M is delighted to launch this call aimed at postdoctoral candidates who have obtained a doctorate degree at another university, no more than six years ago. This call provides successful candidates a competitive salary, as well as the possibility to join an experienced UC3M team and develop their research and teaching skills.

The deadline for application is March 21, 2021.

Call for International Research Degree Thesis Abroad 2020/21


The goal of this call is to finance scholarships for students regularly enrolled at the University of Rome ÔÇťTor VergataÔÇŁ, academic year 2020/21, within the normal duration of the course plus one year (DM 1047 dated 29/12/2017). Mobility without contribution (zero grant) will also be eligible.

The main purpose of the program is to allow a research period for the preparation of the degree thesis (only for master or single cycle degree) in European or non-European countries at universities or non-university structures (such as private and public institutions, laboratories, libraries, research institutions, archives, etc.).

Against this background, Tor Vergata University determines to allocate n┬░ 35 scholarships for the thesis research abroad in European and Extra-European countries. The number of scholarships may be increased based on available funds.

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Deadline is February 26, 2021 (h.12 Rome GMT)