Coronavirus Update 13: Online Oral Exams Procedure

online oral exams procedure

All online exams will be carried out through Microsoft Teams software. If you haven’t please download and activate your account.

On the day of the exam, each professor will proceed to take the attendance of the booked students, in order to check who is actually present, subsequently (s)he will declare the exam open and students are called to take the test in the order deemed appropriate.

It is recommended that other connected students temporarily turn off their device audio and video-cameras in order not to disturb the student who is taking the exam.

ID Verification

The professor will call the first student, explicitly request her/him to activate the camera (in addition to audio) and will verify the identity of the examined candidate by checking and taking note of the identification document details.

Exam Conduct

Candidates will be recommended to keep their eyes on the screen (in order to avoid the consultation of illegal material, unless the Commission allows it).

Student may not wear hats and must show the ears (to avoid the use of micro-earphones): students are recommended to use headphones with microphone or to speak directly into the devices’ microphone.

The student’s behavior will be closely monitored: For the outcome of the examination, it will be evaluated whether (s)he denotes distraction from the monitor or excessive uncertainty or slow response.

Exam Result

The Commission can decide to inform the student about his final grade or to call the next one. The exam session will not be recorded.

Coronavirus Update 12: Overseas Suspended


Following the outbreak of the coronavirus, the Overseas Call for International Mobility for study for the A.Y. 2020/21 has been suspended and will open in June.

Mobility will be allowed only in the second semester and will follow the emergency status of the country where the host Institutions are.

All Students are kindly required to check the following link:
Overseas Office

We will send communication about the open of the call and the deadline.

About the grants

The goal of these grants is to allow students of Tor Vergata University of Rome to study at an extra-European host university (under an Agreement existing between the two Institutions) to carry out didactic activities that must be consistent with their course of study;

Students must attend classes and do the final exams, and will obtain the title (Degree or Master Degree) only after their return and after the conclusion of the mobility period.


For further information please contact the Overseas Office:

Phone +39 06 7259.3509

Coronavirus Update 11: Taxes, ISEE and Graduation Sessions

Coronavirus Update 11: Taxes, ISEE and Graduation Sessions

Given the continuing of the epidemiological state of emergency due to the Covid-19, the Rector has decreed what follows.

Tuition Fee Payment

The deadline for the second installment payment has been deferred to 10th June 2020, for both the tuition fees that were to be paid within 31st March and 29th May 2020.

ISEE Submission for Msc/MA students

For MSc/MA students enrolled to the first year of their programme after 1st March, the ISEE submission deadline has been postponed to 30th May 2020.

Graduation Sessions

Graduation sessions for all the programmes at Tor Vergata University of Rome will only take place using distance learning platforms.

Final thesis commissions will be made of at least three members, including the session President. The graduating student will be asked to show the Commission a valid ID and at the end of the dissertation, upon positive completion, the President will declare the student graduated, mentioning the final mark.

Each School will set an extra graduation session between 10th and 15th June 2020. All the students having submitted the Precautionary Application (Domanda Cautelativa) and the Graduation Request (Domanda di Laurea) within 30 days before the day set for the session, will be admitted to it.

Students who have already submitted their Graduation Request for March, April and May 2020 sessions, and who have communicated the impossibility of taking the Final Exam, will be automatically registered to the June 2020 session.

Online Classes: a message from the Rector

Orazio Schillaci

To the university community,

The ongoing health emergency, in addition to generating mourning and suffering among the population, has changed, hopefully for a short time, our habits and behaviors.

The teaching activity has also undergone substantial changes.

The sudden necessity to provide online lessons, exams and graduation sessions is marking an extreme effect in our everyday working and studying routine, profoundly different from the one we were used to.

Tor Vergata University of Rome, like any other, is a place where circulation of knowledge and exchange of scientific and cultural information generates the widest aggregation phenomenon, even physical.

The need to rigorously implement all forms of social containment to spread the virus has made our structures sadder, but certainly safer.

In this regard, I feel the need to thank all of you, dear students, for the high sense of responsibility shown in scrupulously following the indications contained in the various decrees of the Prime Minister’s Office regarding the conduct to be adopted in this difficult moment.

Also I must thank all our dear teachers for the dutiful and responsible effort with which they have guaranteeing students the regular course of studies by carrying out the activities online and the technical structures of the university which, with professionalism and commitment, allowed, in such a short time, to ensure the performance of the aforementioned activities.

When this terrible experience ends, I am convinced that we will all be better in thoughts and behaviors and we will be able to resume our habits, perhaps by planning to celebrate the results obtained in this emergency period together with the students and their families, teachers and technical administrative and library staff.

Thank you all

Prof. Orazio Schillaci

Coronavirus Update 10: Graduation sessions online

Coronavirus Update 10: Graduation sessions online

From 16 March to 3 April 2020 all graduation sessions, final exams and or discussions for Bachelor Degrees, Master Degrees, Masters and Ph.D’s Graduation will take place remotely.

All students graduating students will be notified by email with the information necessary to join the online sessions.  Meanwhile please read the tutorial below on how to join the online graduation sessions.

Coronavirus Update 9: Erasmus+, Traineeship and Overseas programs suspended

Coronavirus Erasmus Traineeship Overseas

In compliance with the new ministerial and regional provisions aimed at limiting the spread of COVID-19 due to the exponential growth of the infections in all the countries of Europe and the consequent difficulties in moving between European countries and in particular to return to Italy, we recommend that you follow these instructions promptly.

Mobility suspended until April 3rd

All international incoming and outgoing mobility that should have started in these days are suspended until April 3rd. We invite students to contact the partner universities to reschedule the mobility and related activities by reviewing the teaching periods and content.

It will be possible to request the application of the “force majeure” to the  National Agency, (in terms that will be subsequently communicated) , and reimbursement of expenses for all those mobility that are cancelled due to the emergency situation and to the measures of the competent authorities.

Students of Tor Vergata University of Rome who are at partner institutions abroad as part of student mobility programs are invited to scrupulously follow the provisions on prevention and safety prescribed by the institutions by monitoring the health situation of the Host Country through the appropriate country sheet on the “Viaggiare Sicuri” website of the Farnesina (

Follow Restrictive Measures

Should there be an exponential growth of the infections or in any case a situation of difficulty of the local health structures, students are invited to return to Italy with any possible urgency at their residence, home or domicile.

Students are also invited to take into account the possible restrictive measures in terms of mobility established by the DPCM of 8 and 9 and 11 March 2020 ( and to carefully follow the indications prescribed by the same DPCM, (in particular for subjects with symptoms of respiratory infection and fever greater than 37.5 ° stay at home, limit social contacts and contact your doctor and absolute ban on leaving your home for those subjected to the quarantine measure or positive for the virus).

Students in Foreign Countries

In all cases, we ask students who are in a foreign country to promptly report their presence to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, by registering on the site “Where we are in the world” ( to be able to benefit from the assistance of our Diplomatic Representations abroad (embassies, consulates etc.) in the event of difficulties in returning to Italy.

We remind you that the “force majeure” reasons will be applied to reimbursement of the costs incurred and that the Italian embassies and consulates will be able to offer you all the necessary support.

Support Contacts

The erasmus office will be able to help you in providing all the necessary assistance:


All  communications with which you inform us of the return date must also be sent to the aforementioned email address, attaching, where possible, the travel documentation. Regarding the certification of stay, we remind you that you must inform the Erasmus office of the Partner Institution of your return home via email.

Foreign Students in Rome

Once this emergency will be over, we will check the situation of each of you with the host foreign offices and we will issue the permanence certificates and transcripts of records concerning your stays.

We invite foreign students enrolled at our university and Erasmus students who are in Rome to continue their teaching activities by following the online courses and/or offered in streaming which will be guaranteed until the end of the emergency.

Keep up to date

It is recommended that all students carefully and periodically follow the updates on Tor Vergata University of Rome’ websites:

We are aware of the sacrifices required but they are necessary to protect everyone’s health, which remains the priority in emergency and serious situations such as the one we are experiencing.

Translated from the Italian Website (021)

Coronavirus Update 7: Interruption of Internships for Nursing Students

Coronavirus Update 7: Interruption of Internships for Nursing Students

As a partial supplement to the previous updated the latest decree as reported by the Health Director of the Policlinico Tor Vergata reads:

“Due to the ongoing health emergency, linked to the diffusion of Coronavirus and to the further regulations recently issued for the containment of the diffusion, the internship is also blocked for students of the third year of the Degree Course in Nursing Sciences. The provision will remain in force until further notice. ”

The Rector – Prof. Orazio Schillaci

Translated from the Italian Website (019)

Coronavirus Update 6: Information Desks Closed

Coronavirus Update 6: Information Desks Closed

::UPDATED 12/03/2020::

As from 10/03/2020 date of this decree and until further notice, all public information desks in the University will operate exclusively by telephone and email.

In case of necessity and or urgency it will be possible to access information desks in person only by appointment.

Sending Documents

For all procedures that require documentation exchange proceed as follows:

1) Documents to be presented at the office / information desk must be signed and subsequently scanned (or photographed) and transformed into PDF or image format;

2) An email must be sent to the secretariat of affiliation specifying the name, surname, matriculation, degree course and reason for the request in the email text. In addition to attaching the documents, a copy of a student identification document must also be attached to the email. It is recommended to use the email address declared at the time of enrollment in the University;

3) The original of the documentation sent by email must be kept and submitted at the request of the secretariat.

We remind you that all deadlines and procedures must be respected.

University Contacts

All information, email addresses, telephone numbers can be found by consulting your macroarea / faculty or course website. You may also find some contacts on this website here

For urgent or extremely important cases – only by appointment agreed by email or telephone – it will be possible to physically access offices and information desks.

We reiterate all our willingness to streamline and make the procedures easier to help everyone in this moment of serious difficulty and self-responsibility.

Skype / Email Contacts

The University Orientation Office and the Welcome Office have activated two Skype accounts, through which it is possible to carry out an individual interview or a video call. To access the service you need to book by email.

Orientation Office

Skype: unitorvergata orientamento

Welcome Office

Skype: unitorvergata welcome

Translated from the Italian Website (016)

We need blood: donate now!

We need blood: donate now!

We wish to thank all those who accepted our call for blood donation: Thanks to your participation, in the last few days more than 100 blood bags have been collected for the patients of our hospital Policlinico Tor Vergata.

In these days of great tension, concern and uncertainty we are extremely proud and happy for the incredible response in solidarity and altruism of the Tor Vergata community.

Auto-blood bank

The Policlinico Tor Vergata hospital staff will be parked outside the School of Economics in Via Columbia 2 with an auto-blood bank on the mornings of 11, 12, 16, 17 and 18 March 2020 waiting for blood donors.

Book your Donation

You can book your donation by phone at +39 06 2090 8194 from 9.00 to 12.00 or by email:

Thank you very much on behalf of all the people who take care of the Policlinico Tor Vergata every day.

The Rector – Prof. Orazio Schillaci