GOCCIA Project: Free Water Dispensers for UTV

GOCCIA Project: Free Water Dispensers for UTV

Tor Vergata University of Rome has defined its Mission and Vision in favor of sustainable development to become, through continuous change, academic excellence in the European context.

In pursuit of its Mission and Vision of developing the culture of sustainability, the University has joined the RUS – Network of Universities for Sustainable Development which has given input for the birth of the Italian Alliance for the Sustainable Development (ASviS).

🧴 Goccia Bottle

GOCCIA is a stainless steel bottle, practical and light, completely “carbon neutral”, that is made by compensating, with certified reforestation projects, the emissions of carbon dioxide emitted during the various production phases. An Italian Benefit company is produced by Design24®.

You can buy the Goccia bottle in Tor Vergata’s Rectorate/School of Law in Via Cracovia 50 – Building A, Ground Floor.

If you already own a bottle don’t forget to send a photo to info@sostenibile.uniroma2.it or to post it on Instagram with the #mygocciainbottle hashtag.

For further info visit sostenibile.uniroma2.it.

💧 Water Dispensers

After the experimental phase, which began last February, and the great success achieved, Tor Vergata University decided to increase the number of water dispensers in the various Faculties and Macroareas.

The number of places where students, teachers and technical, administrative and librarian staff can fill their bottles or cans free of charge are raised to 26 points.

The 16 new machines offer a greater dispensing height, which allows to refill even 1 lt containers, and two different dispensers, both equipped with a germicidal UV lamp, which allow two bottles to be filled at the same time. In this way, waiting times can be reduced.

Drinking water is purified, refrigerated, available natural or sparkling, and controlled. It is periodically subjected to the analysis of the LabCAP – Laboratory of Certification of Analysis and Processes of the Department of Chemical Sciences and Technologies, as well as of the laboratory of the Botanical Garden – Department of Biology for microbiological aspects.

📍 Where are the Water Dispensers?

For more info on the Goccia Project visit the official Sustainability website of Tor Vergata: sostenibile.uniroma2.it

    • School of Economics:

Building A, basement, Room 12
Building A, Floor 1, Room P5
Building B, Floor 1

    • School of Law / Rectorate

Building B, Floor 0 (Building E)
Building D, Floor 0 (Building E)
Building D, Floor 4

    • School of Engineering

New Didactic Area, Floor 0
New Didactic Area, Floor 2
Information Eng., Floor 1
Industrial Eng., Floor 1
Civil Eng., Floor 1

    • School of Humanities

Building A, Auditorium
Building A, Ground Floor, Room T33
Building B, TBC

    • School of Medicine

Building A, Floor 1
Building B, Floor 1
Building E, South, Ground Floor
Building E, North, Ground Floor
Building F, South, Ground Floor
Building F, North, Ground Floor

    • School of Science

Didactic Area, Presidency Entrance
Didactic Area, Focal Point
Dipartimental Area, Floor 1, sector
Building PP1, Floor 1
Building PP2, Ground Floor.

Tor Vergata joins the 2019 Sustainable Development Festival

Tor Vergata joins the 2019 Sustainable Development Festival

Once again Tor Vergata will join ASviS, the Italian Alliance for sustainable development, of which the university is a founding partner, for the Sustainable Development Festival (Festival dello Sviluppo Sostenibile), the largest Italian initiative to raise awareness and mobilize citizens, young generations, businesses, associations and institutions on the issues of economic, social and environmental sustainability and in order to contribute in spreading the culture of sustainability and achieve a cultural and political change that will allow Italy to implement the United Nations 2030 Agenda and achieve the 17 SDG’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Raising Awareness on SDG’s

Mettiamo Mano al Futuro” – “Let’s Get Our Hands on the Future” is the motto of this 2019 Festival, also promoted by RUS – Sustainable Universities Network, appeals to each one so that we can all be involved.in the construction of a better future.

This year’s edition takes place at a decisive moment for the future of the country and Europe: at the end of May, in fact, the citizens of the Union will be called to elect the new European Parliament. The Sustainable Development Festival will represent an important step to raise awareness among the newly elected on the challenges of the 2030 Agenda and to insist that the European Union, Italy and its territories put sustainable development at the center of their policies.

Many events in Tor Vergata

Tor Vergata partecipates actively to the SDF with conferences, seminars, workshops, exhibitions, shows, sporting events, book presentations, documentaries and much more will make up a very busy calendar to involve, include and give voice to Italian society.