Tor Vergata Virtual Tour: A brand new way of visiting the University

Tor Vergata University Virtual Tour

Our lives have changed, and so have done Universities in this pandemic year. Tor Vergata has got large, beautiful spaces in every season, at the moment inaccessible for everyone’s safety.

This is why our University has come up with innovative techniques to immerse its perspective students and all the other users into our six Schools’ areas and classrooms.

Starting from today, everyone can visit and experience the University virtually by any device, in the new immersive Virtual Tour that allows users to turn gaze all around at 360 degrees and catch the details of our spaces.

We have created this Virtual Tour thinking about you, the students, your parents and all the professors who will come to teach and do research at Tor Vergata.

We have designed it by deepening the interests that we have analysed by “listening” to social media, which have guided us in choosing contents. It is our way of bringing you to our University while remaining far away.

Enjoy our tour, as we look forward to finally welcoming you, back in person:

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