The Virtue of Engagement – The first Online YUFE Alumni event

YUFE Virtue of Engagement

Wondering how you can co-create the European values in education and science? Curious to know how we can respond to the challenges of the contemporary crisis of democracy?

Join us on November 11, 2021 at 4 pm CET on the first Online YUFE Alumni Event “YUFE – The Virtue of Engagement” and find out more about the role YUFE has in transforming European education area.

“We live in a challenging time for the European values of democracy and freedom, which questions the European idea of harmony, peace, and enlightenment.

Freedom and democracy indexes reveal explicit threats to freedom and democracy: we live in a difficult time for human rights and frequently witness attempts to evade the institutions that preserve liberty and democracy.

The urgency generated by the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic has further underlined our society’s vulnerability and distrust in political elites, institutions, and even in science.

The present crisis of democracy is correlated with this century’s crisis of enlightenment that displays a budding culture of ignorance and alternative facts, a cult of amateurism, and different forms of radicalism.

I endorse all social stakeholders’ heightened intellectual and political responsibility.

This responsibility also comprises universities – researchers and students – who need to recognize these challenges and their causes and inaugurate a transformation of the higher education system in tune with international engagement, long-term work, and sustainable futures.

European universities such as YUFE have a unique role and the potential to become the bearer of European higher education and research’s transformation.”

Let’s achieve the YUFE vision together – create the impactful University of the future and an innovative and united Europe!

The lecture will be held in English.

YUFE accepting applications for three-year YUFE postdoc

yufe postdoc

Following the success of last years’ postdoctoral programme, YUFE are now accepting applications for three-year YUFE postdoc positions at 8 YUFE institutions within the YUFE Postdoctoral Programme.

YUFE provides early career researchers with excellent research conditions, dedicated mentoring and the opportunity to participate in co-creating one of the first European Universities. Unique networking events and mobility schemes across YUFE and career development opportunities within YUFE and beyond are at the center of the YUFE Postdoctoral Programme.

The postdoc positions are open to promising early career researchers holding a PhD. The programme is targeted at researchers from the Health Science, Information Science, Psychology, Social Sciences, Humanities, Life Science and/or any other relevant field relating to the focus theme Citizens’ Wellbeing.

YUFE Talk Show presents: “Prioritise, organise and follow-up”

yufe talk shows

YUFE entrepreneurial talk shows are monthly events organized by each of the universities belonging to the YUFE network. They are structured in two parts: a first part open to all and a second dedicated to the interaction between YUFE students and the speakers.

The aim is to promote an entrepreneurial mindset and to create opportunities for experts to share about their experience in a specific area of the European Entrepreneurship Competence Framework (EntreComp), the Reference Framework for Entrepreneurship Competence developed by the European Commission.

Lesson: Prioritise, organize and follow-up

For the “YUFE Entrepreneurial Program” Tor Vergata University is glad to presents the lesson entitled “Prioritise, organize and follow-up”, with the aim of providing suggestions and reflections on the importance of establishing priorities and action plans and setting objectives for short, medium and long term, adapting to unexpected changes.

The lecture, which will be held in English, is open to all (the first part). The second part of the lesson is aimed at YUFE students.

  • Speakers:
    Prof. Massimiliano M. Schiraldi (Professore associato presso il Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell’Impresa, Università degli Studi di Roma Tor Vergata);
  • Dr. Alessio Giuiusa (General Manager, EU Process Engineering, Amazon);
  • Alessandro Di Pietro (Director, Global Technology Platform Leader, Johnson & Johnson).

How to Participate

In order to participate you will need to register here: Registration

Registration deadline: September 23, 2021

More Info

For the full list of events regarding the YUFE Entrepreneurial Program visit the events page on the YUFE website.

If you want to know more about the European YUFE project, go to the YUFE “Tor Vergata” website or visit the YUFE Alliance website.

Apply now for the YUFE Student Journey

yufe student journey

Want to study in an international environment? Take your chances and apply to join the YUFE Student Journey. As a YUFE student you get to study in and experience a multicultural environment and truly partake in society.

YUFE gives you the chance to study simultaneously at 10 European Universities. You can combine your academic endeavours with language and professional training courses, or take part in civic engagement opportunities such as community volunteering or Help Desks. Becoming part of the YUFE Student Journey allows you to pursue excellence in a personalised way. It is up to you to decide which and how many opportunities to use, but whatever you choose YUFE will certify and reward your engagement.

Application Details

The next YUFE Student Journey application round starts on 16 September 2021. Since this year’s YUFE Student Journey is still in its pilot phase, we can only allow a maximum of 45 students from each YUFE university to apply to become a YUFE student. The application period is open for 3 weeks, or shorter in case 45 students from your university have applied. Applications can be uploaded through the YUFE Student Portal › on the renewed YUFE Virtual Campus › until 20 October 2021 23:59:59 CET.

All students studying at a YUFE university who are 2nd year bachelor students or higher with an English level of B2 or higher can apply [i] using the application form on the YUFE Student Portal of the YUFE Virtual Campus (don’t forget to create an account for the renewed Virtual Campus › first). Candidates will have to upload their details, motivation letter and sign a co-creation agreement.

When writing your motivation letter the following questions must be answered in a maximum of 150 words:

  1. What makes participation in YUFE important to you personally and what will you bring to YUFE?
  2. In which way do you think that the YUFE programme will alter your study experience? Provide some specific examples of changes that you expect to happen.
  3. What are your plans after graduating from your university and how can YUFE be instrumental in letting these plans come to fruition?

If you are interested in applying, don’t wait! Each partner university can only process 45 applications, 30 of which will be accepted.

With YUFE, you do not only have the opportunity to engage with the expertise of one or two universities, but of ten leading, research-driven institutions. Take this opportunity to bring Europe closer to home and study at 10 young research-intensive universities all over Europe. Enrich your curriculum with the best academic courses, language and professional training courses, and take part in engaging civic engagement opportunities.

Interested? Click and check out the whole YUFE Student Journey offer:

Submit your application via the YUFE Student Portal › (make sure to create your YUFE Virtual Campus account first)

Check out the catalogue on the YUFE Virtual Campus ›

Read more about the YUFE Student Journey:

[i] Undergraduate students from the University of Essex need to have a minimum year mark of 50 in the first year of the course and students from the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid need to have a minimum grade average of 6/10 in the previous academic year.

YUFE Academy: lectures, workshops and activities on “Citizens wellbeing”


The YUFE Academy is a sequence of lectures, workshops and activities travelling along the YUFE campi on “Citizens wellbeing”, YUFE’s second focus area, which will give interested students, staff and citizens a “feel” of YUFE. It is a platform aimed at strengthening European identity, raising awareness about social issues, providing solutions to global and local challenges, and making a true impact on Citizens’ wellbeing.

All lectures and other activities together cultivate into a programme one could follow entirely or only some parts of. All these little building blocks together make the YUFE Academy, a beneficial gathering and learning experience for YUFE students, staff and citizens.

What to expect?

Lectures and other activities in English and other European languages, so that everyone can follow the activities in either their mother tongue or a second language – this multilingual approach makes YUFE Academy more inclusive and accessible to partner cities’ population;

YUFE D&I Lecture Series – a lecture series promoting and celebrating D&I education and engagement across the YUFE community and what D&I can look like in practice;

Entrepreneurial talk shows – workshops in which an entrepreneurial mindset are promoted through the experience and advice of an expert in a specific area of the European Entrepreneurship Competence Framework (EntreComp);

Series of lectures and activities focusing on the employees’ well-being;

Workshops, trainings, and spring/summer schools directed to universities’ (prospective) research staff and to professional service staff;

Lectures concerning various topics relevant to the community.

How to attend?

Follow the registration link to the event you would like to attend. The format for the YUFE Academy is blended: due to the COVID-19 pandemic most lectures, workshops and other activities will take place virtually. Some events will attempt to take place physically.

YUFE Launches the YUFE Job Portal

yufe job portal

The members of YUFE Alliance share a commitment towards staff development, career progression and personal growth along their YUFE Staff Journey – with equality, diversity and inclusivity at the heart of everything we do. YUFE believes that staff members at all career levels are the key to the successful creation and development of the YUFE European University.

Guided by our this vision and by shared commitment, YUFE are launching the YUFE Job Portal as part of the YUFE Staff Portal on the YUFE Virtual Campus. By doing so, our Alliance aims to facilitate local and international job searches, and to substantially widen the recruitment area and talent pool across our and other European regions within a global context.

The job vacancy platform offers an opportunity to list job advertisements and funding opportunities in one place to universities, other education providers, research institutes, companies, public bodies and non-governmental organisations in the YUFE regions.

In the first stage of the launch, only job vacancies from the YUFE partner institutions will be published on the portal. In the long term, the portal will be gradually expanded to allow other stakeholders to post their job openings as well. Join a YUFE partner institution and create your own YUFE career journey.

YUFE opening the Entrepreneurial and Innovation Activities

YUFE Entrepreneurial and Innovation Activities

YUFE is opening the Entrepreneurial and Innovation Activities with two initiatives aimed to students and staff: YUFE Challenge Teams and Entrepreneurial Training Activities what includes MOOCs and YUFE Talkshows. Students can get the YUFE Professional Star by joining this program. Improve your knowledge and skills in innovation and entrepreneurship!

Would you like to improve your knowledge and skills in innovation and entrepreneurship? YUFE is opening the Entrepreneurial and Innovation Activities with the aim of providing online access for training MOOCs YUFE Talk shows and live learning YUFE Challenge Teams.

Enroll in a 3D Mapping Audiovisual Art Workshop at YUFE’s Copernicus University

Enroll in a 3D Mapping Audiovisual Art Workshop at YUFE's Copernicus University

Do you dream of having your work of art presented at an international festival attended by 300 thousands visitors? Would you like to gain experience working in an international team of young artists? Apply for the “Per YUFE ad astra” workshop organized by Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń.

The workshop in Toruń (August 17th-20th, 2021) is open to any students from YUFE alliance interested in audiovisual art.
You will be a part of the international team, preparing an artistic work of a 3D mapping. Your art achievement work will be an element of the mapping presented during the international light festival Bella Skyway Festival in 2022 in Toruń.

The workshop is a chance to stimulate creative imagination and aesthetic sensitivity, express artistic personality, learn about various forms of artistic expression and performative activities – multimedia projection using 3D animation, including sound effects. It is also an opportunity to develop teamwork skills in an international environment and to integrate with the academic community of YUFE.

Title of the workshop is an analogy to the Latin maxim by Seneca ‘Per aspera ad astra‘ (Through hardships to the stars). The reference to the stars is also connected to Toruń, the city of Nicolaus Copernicus, and thus to the cosmos, which is an excellent inspiration for our own interpretation of the topic, both in terms of content and form.

How to Participate

Up to 20 participants would take part in the workshop; be prepared to work only in English. If needed, according to the epidemic situation, the meetings will be held in a virtual form. In order to take part in the workshop, please fill the application form by May 7th 2021. Include your motivation and a short description of your concept of the screenplay for the film ‘Per YUFE ad astra’.

Original interpretations of the topic will be appreciated, presenting YUFE in an interesting way, drawing attention to the diversity of this organization, whose premise is the cooperation of distant academic centers orbiting a common idea. With the topic ‘Per YUFE ad astra‘ the candidate should indicate the potential inherent in the organization.

Presenting a portfolio is not obligatory, but providing the jury with examples of one’s own artistic work (computer graphics, animation, film) will be a strong asset.

The applications will be assessed by a jury composed of representatives of the YUFE consortium and the Municipality of Toruń. The results will be communicated to the applicants by May 31st, and the final list of participants will be announced by June 17th.

Participation in the workshops is free of charge. The organizers will provide the materials and equipment needed to participate in the workshop, as well as accommodation and food during the workshop.

30 post-doc scholarships at YUFE’s Carlos III University of Madrid

30 post-doc scholarships at YUFE's Carlos III

The Universidad Carlos III de Madrid seeks young and talented research and teaching staff. Thus the UC3M is delighted to launch this call aimed at postdoctoral candidates who have obtained a doctorate degree at another university, no more than six years ago. This call provides successful candidates a competitive salary, as well as the possibility to join an experienced UC3M team and develop their research and teaching skills.

The deadline for application is March 21, 2021.

YUFE Townhall 2020: European Higher Education

YUFE Townhall 2020

YUFE is one of the first seventeen alliances selected by the European Commission in 2019 to develop a unique model of a European University. The fourteen YUFE partners aim to contribute to a more competitive, innovative and united Europe through structural cooperation in education, research, innovation and engagement with local communities.

One of the main goals of the cooperation between staff, students, citizens, businesses, government and policy makers is to address local and European challenges to achieve solutions that have global relevance. Moreover, they work together to develop and promote joint educational programmes, services of added value for the YUFE local communities and to enhance the mobility of students and staff across the Alliance.

Together, the YUFE partners are creating an inclusive higher education landscape without borders that is in line with current developments in society and the labour market.

YUFE Townhall: Sessions Program

The YUFE Townhall is a 2.5-day umbrella event involving all of YUFE’s programmes and activities bringing together the entire YUFE community. Its focus will be on European Higher Education and its links to wider society. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the event will now mainly take place virtually, which will actually make it more inclusive, accessible and sustainable with wider engagement across the whole of Europe.

Two of the YUFE Townhall sessions will be open to the public. The first session gives an overview of what has been achieved by YUFE in it’s first year.

The second open session asks a variety of stakeholders, including the European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth, the DG of the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture, and the CEO of a triple-helix campus, what European Universities can contribute to society, with a focus on regional employability following the quadruple helix model. The quadruple helix model brings together science, policy, industry, and society.

The third working session is organised and hosted by the YUFE Student Forum.