virgilio project

Virgilio Project

Virgilio told the world with his Eneide how powerful Rome was (between 29 and 19 BC) and Dante Alighieri chose the poet to guide him through his journey to the Paradise in his Divina Commedia. We chose his name for the project that aims to guide our students during their journey to Tor Vergata University.

Tor Vergata’s Virgilio Project arose from a proposal made by a group of talented students, aiming to support newly enrolled students arriving each September.

It was imagined before the Coronavirus lockdown, it was before the Winter of 2020 that changed our life. As Tor Vergata suddenly moved its lectures, graduate sessions, exams and administrative work online in March, we realised that we had to think about a new Virgilio. So indeed, we moved Virgilio online as well!

Chat with Our Students

You as an incoming student will find different “Rooms” you can attend, to have a chat with our senior students on some specific topics (pre-enrollment procedures for non EU students; admissions; online classes; etc.) or free chats about your worries, your issues, your curiosities.

In each Room you will find two international students and one officer from Tor Vergata University staff, for one hour at your disposal. We will meet on TEAMS – that is the tool we are all using at Tor Vergata University for lectures, exams and meetings – so that you can start to be confident with the platform. If you haven’t already done it please download MS TEAMS before the meeting.

Book your Meeting

Click on the calendar to see the time for each meeting; Please be aware that each meeting will last 60 minutes.

We will accept only 10 students for each meeting starting from 4th June, so hurry up with the registration!